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CSSPS Verify Com Login Portal 2023/2024

Here is the CSSPS Verify Com Login Portal 2023/2024 and how to verify your placement selection on the CSSPS School Placement Verification & Confirmation portal 2023/2024.

Management of GES has announced BECE candidates that they are to verify and confirm their BECE School placement choices pending the release of BECE School Placement.


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About CSSPS Verify Com Login Portal

  • To ensure smooth BECE School Placement this year, the CSSPS Secretariat has made it possible for BECE Candidates to check their school selection, through SMS, USSD, and online for verification and confirmation of CSSPS School Placement.
  • BECE candidates are informed that a bulk SMS of the schools selected are being sent to the contact numbers used by BECE candidates during the school selection process.
  • Respective BECE candidates are to check and notify their various Heads of schools of any error found for corrections to be made accordingly.
  • Despite the bulk messages that would be sent to candidates, you can also dial the short code *899*88# and follow the instructions to verify choices.


CSSPS Verify Com Login Portal

  • Below is how to Verify & Confirm your BECE School Placement on the CSSPS.Verify.Com Portal:
  1. First visit the CSSPS Verify Com Login Portal :
  2. Afterwards enter your index number and token
  3. In order to get CSSPS access token, check the SMS message sent to you
  4. Finally click on the “Fetch Candidate Selection” button to check and confirm your CSSPS school selection


CSSPS Verify Com Short Code

  1. First Dial the CSSPS Verify Short Code: *899*88#
  2. Then select the option: “View Choice File”
  3. Then enter your Index Number
  4. Then Complete the process to Verify & Confirm CSSPS School selection


CSSPS Verify Com Login Portal Deadline

  • The Confirmation portal is opened upto 22nd January


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  1. Hi please i have been trying to access my little sister’s school selection but it says the Token code is invalid

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