Here is the new ongoing University of Ghana (UG) Legon Jobs In Ghana 2020 and how to apply. Various University of Ghana (UG) Legon Job vacancies for Ghana has been declared as follows:


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Recruitment Of Health Services Administrator at University of Ghana


• Responsible for day-to-day general administration of the health institution;
• Ensure the provision of all support services necessary for quality healthcare delivery;
• Direct, supervise and evaluate the work activities of administrative, maintenance and other support service staff;
• Set performance objectives for administrative and support services units in the health institution;
• Implement and monitor policies, procedures and performance standards for administrative and other support staff for quality health service delivery;
• Coordinate the planning and budgeting process of the University Health Services Directorate in accordance with the approved guidelines;
• Monitor the efficient use of health resources and report on them;
• Monitor and report on the implementation of plans and budgets;
• Coordinate and collate annual work plans and periodic operational reports on service delivery;
• Support resource mobilization for the health facility;
• Ensure regular provision of utility services such as water, electricity, telecommunication and waste management services;
• Implement established processes, procedures and structures for disaster preparedness, health and safety, and general security of the University Health services Directorate;
• Facilitate the orientation, appraisal and training of all personnel in the Health services Directorate;
• Promote the implementation of the patient charter, code of ethics and disciplinary procedures, and other relevant legislation relevant to the conduct of the business of the University Health Services Directorate;
• Solicit assistance on legal matters from the appropriate unit of the University on legal matters of concern to the business of the Health Services Directorate;
• Plan, implement, manage and ensure maintenance of physical assets of the Health Services directorate to prevent untimely breakdown of buildings, equipment, transport and other assets of the directorate;
• Ensure maintenance of a healthy and aesthetic environment for the personnel and clients of the University Health Services Directorate;
• Put in place security measures to ensure adequate physical security and safeguarding of assets including protection of patients and staff in all facilities of the Health services Directorate;
• Coordinate asset data management;
• Monitor and ensure the implementation of various agreements between the University and its business partners as relate to the University Health Services Directorate;
• Plan, advocate and implement programmes for the strategic development of the University health Services Directorate;
• Make inputs into the development of policies and programmes;
• Conduct operational research within the administrative and support services and ensure its implementation;
• Train and supervise the activities of junior Health Services Administrators, interns and trainees in the facility;
• Perform any other official duty assigned by the Director of the University Health services Directorate;
• Coordinate with relevant units of the University Health Services Directorate for recruitment, selection, induction and retention of all cadre of staff; and
• Work with the Director to establish a quality assurance systems for the University Health Services Directorate.

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Recruitment Of Risk Officer at University of Ghana


The Chief Risk Officer shall, under the Vice-Chancellor be responsible for undertaking all the duties and responsibilities in the Risk Framework including the following:

• Developing and deploying the core enterprise risk management toolsets including risk identification, assessment, prioritization, mitigation, and monitoring
• Identifying, and monitoring emergent risks and reporting on them
• Working with risk owners to complete periodic risk analysis and developing risk documentation and reports
• Assessing and implementing effective business continuity and disaster recovery measures across the University of Ghana
• Enhancing Emergency Response Procedures
• Extending risk principles into the wider University strategy
• Developing the data strategy required to build an accurate picture of operational risk
• Educating the University community on the University’s risk management strategy
• Training and communicating with University staff on risk management policies and structures.

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