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Local Government Service ( LGS ) Posting (2nd Batch)

2.       The posting is with immediate effect.

3.       Receiving RCCs are requested to report to this office the assumption of duty of the affected officers at their new stations in accordance with the Public Services Commission new deadlines on processing of new entrants.

4.       IGF staff of MMDAs who have been given appointment are to be posted to their MMDAs where they were stationed.

5.       RCCs are to ensure that all affected officers are posted to their stations to assume duty on or before 2nd November, 2020.


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  1. Local Government Service Notice To The Public
  2. Local Government Service ( LGS ) Recruitment Application Procedures
  3. Local Government Service ( LGS ) Recruitment And Postings Procedures
  4. Check Local Government Service ( LGS ) Postings


1Hellen Racheal AmetefeAssistant Budget AnalystAhafo
2Maxwell Owusu AfriyieAssistant Budget AnalystAhafo
3Adjei-Awuah CharlesAssistant Development Planning OfficerAhafo
4Hamdella Agyeiwaa AlhassanAssistant Development Planning OfficerAhafo
5Sampson AcquahAssistant Development Planning OfficerAhafo
6Collins Kwabena GyasiAssistant Director II BAhafo
7Edward Opoku-SintimAssistant Director II BAhafo
8Nana Adwoa FremahAssistant Director II BAhafo
9Reynold Akadom ApauAssistant Director II BAhafo
10Edin SamuelAssistant EngineerAhafo
11Ernest Owusu AchiawAssistant Human Resource ManagerAhafo
12Boateng Kwabena EmmanuelAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeAhafo
13Ampadu Sasu StephanieAssistant Physical PlannerAhafo
14Adu-Frimpong FelixAssistant Procurement OfficerAhafo
15Grace Afriyie AddaeAssistant Procurement OfficerAhafo
16Maxwell Adda KowdamAssistant Procurement OfficerAhafo
17Ato Kwamena AmpahAssistant ProgrammerAhafo
18Anita AboagyeAssistant Social Development OfficerAhafo
19Owusu EmmanuelProcurement AssistantAhafo
20Prince Ntiamoah BosompemProcurement AssistantAhafo
21Appiah Kennedy KwabenaSenior Executive OfficerAhafo
22Avowulanu BernardTechnician EngineerAhafo
23Nelson Effah OwareAssistant Agricultural OfficerAshanti
24Samuel Mensah BonsuAssistant Agricultural OfficerAshanti
25Abigail Osei AgyeiwaaAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
26Frederick Adu-GyasiAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
27Henry AmoahAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
28Isaac O. AmponsahAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
29Linda ApuriyureAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
30Mabel Kankam OwusuAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
31Mensah ConstanceAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
32Olivia Serwaa BoatengAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
33Princess Kyei BaffourAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
34Ruth DuahAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
35Ruth NtiAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
36Theophilus Kweku ImbeahAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
37Agyeman Millicent OwusuAssistant Budget OfficerAshanti
38Emmanuel FrimpongAssistant Budget OfficerAshanti
39Frimpong JosephAssistant Budget OfficerAshanti
40Owusu Nkrumah GrantAssistant Budget OfficerAshanti
41Andrews OfosuAssistant Development Planning OfficerAshanti
42Charles AdomAssistant Development Planning OfficerAshanti
43Daniel AppiahAssistant Development Planning OfficerAshanti
44Georgiette Nsiah AbabioAssistant Development Planning OfficerAshanti
45Isaac ObengAssistant Development Planning OfficerAshanti
46Martin Bannor BrobbeyAssistant Development Planning OfficerAshanti
47Mary Appiah AsamoahAssistant Development Planning OfficerAshanti
48Stephen AgyemanAssistant Development Planning OfficerAshanti
49Abdul-Rauf FirdausAssistant Director II BAshanti
50Amoafo Kwadwo YeboahAssistant Director II BAshanti
51Bridget AhiadormeAssistant Director II BAshanti
52Christiana AmponsahAssistant Director II BAshanti
53Cosby Oti-BoatengAssistant Director II BAshanti
54Daniel AcheampongAssistant Director II BAshanti
55Ferdinard Amponsah OheneAssistant Director II BAshanti
56Isaac DarkwahAssistant Director II BAshanti
57Mary Yaa AgyeiwaaAssistant Director II BAshanti
58Quayson Dennis AnsahAssistant Director II BAshanti
59Richard EghanAssistant Director II BAshanti
60Thomas VroomAssistant Director II BAshanti
61Yvette Agyeiwaa NewtonAssistant Director II BAshanti
62Jamel AduseiAssistant EngineerAshanti
63Adwoa Akomaa AbrefaAssistant Human Resource ManagerAshanti
64Konadu Bertha BoatengAssistant Human Resource ManagerAshanti
65Afriyie PrinceAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
66Agnes FabeaAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
67Asare JefferyAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
68Belinda ManuAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
69Francis ArcherAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
70Issah Kamal DuburAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
71John Kuffuor AgyekumAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
72Martin Amofa BoaduAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
73Mavis SenyahAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
74Nancy AcheampongAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
75Opoku Ophelia FrimpomaaAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
76Opoku-Ayewa AbigailAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
77Priscilla AdjeiAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
78Benedicta QuarshieAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeAshanti
79Isaac Asante-AppiahAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeAshanti
80Paul YeboahAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeAshanti
81Philippa Appiah-NuamahAssistant Physical PlannerAshanti
82Anane ChristianAssistant Procurement OfficerAshanti
83Boafo Ellen OduraaAssistant Procurement OfficerAshanti
84Charles OpokuAssistant Procurement OfficerAshanti
85Albert AcquayeAssistant ProgrammerAshanti
86Ebenezer AsanteAssistant ProgrammerAshanti
87Joseph Atta YeboahAssistant ProgrammerAshanti
88Obiri Yeboah JeffterAssistant Social Development OfficerAshanti
89Ophelia AmoahAssistant Social Development OfficerAshanti
90Birikorang KelvinAssistant StatisticianAshanti
91Frimpong SamuelAssistant StatisticianAshanti
92Patrick Yeboah AdjeiAssistant StatisticianAshanti
93Daniel Akwasi AppiahAssistant Transport OfficerAshanti
94Antwiwaah ElizabethSenior Executive OfficerAshanti
95Asamin GraceSenior Executive OfficerAshanti
96Christopher AyepahSenior Executive OfficerAshanti
97Mensah Bonsu IsaacSenior Executive OfficerAshanti
98Ampofo Frimpong JonesSenior Information Technology TechnicianAshanti
99Larteef TajudeenSenior Information Technology TechnicianAshanti
100Abena Adu KusiAssistant Agricultural OfficerBono
101Dennis Nalwie AliduAssistant Budget AnalystBono
102Desmond DordaahAssistant Budget AnalystBono
103Emmanuel Nti AcheampongAssistant Budget AnalystBono
104Mutaru MubarakAssistant Budget OfficerBono
105Abdul-Nazib MohammedAssistant Development Planning OfficerBono
106Aworo Seidu SolomonAssistant Development Planning OfficerBono
107Frema MercyAssistant Development Planning OfficerBono
108Samuel A. SalamAssistant Development Planning OfficerBono
109Anita AppiahAssistant Director II BBono
110Ebenezer TwumAssistant Director II BBono
111Erica Adjei AbabioAssistant Director II BBono
112Agyeman JusticeAssistant Internal AuditorBono
113Dartey KwakuAssistant Internal AuditorBono
114John Mensah AdobasomAssistant Internal AuditorBono
115Kyere SolomonAssistant Internal AuditorBono
116Sarah KeneteyAssistant Internal AuditorBono
117Stephen Owusu GyamfiAssistant Internal AuditorBono
118Elizabeth AntwiAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeBono
119Agyei Mireku PrinceAssistant Physical PlannerBono
120Daniel SahAssistant Procurement OfficerBono
121Prince Paul ArthurAssistant ProgrammerBono
122Wereko ForsonAssistant Quantity SurveyorBono
123Bright Ofori Amanfo FosuAssistant Social Development OfficerBono
124Yeboah RichardTechnician EngineerBono
125Dickson AsiamahAssistant Budget AnalystBono East
126Kusi Evans WayeAssistant Budget AnalystBono East
127Pious Kwadwo AntwiAssistant Budget AnalystBono East
128Gideon AmponsahAssistant Development Planning OfficerBono East
129Alfreda Wonenuo DelleAssistant Director II BBono East
130Perkina Ofosu AppiahAssistant Director II BBono East
131Awona CuthbertAssistant Internal AuditorBono East
132David AttahAssistant Internal AuditorBono East
133Emmanuel KwaoAssistant Internal AuditorBono East
134Ruth DonkorAssistant Internal AuditorBono East
135Joseph MensahAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeBono East
136Ampomah Yeboaa OpheliaAssistant Procurement OfficerBono East
137Ignatius VuozieAssistant Procurement OfficerBono East
138Patrice Asante BoamahAssistant Procurement OfficerBono East
139Samuel Boachie AfriyieAssistant Social Development OfficerBono East
140Ollo PaulinusTechnician EngineerBono East
141Bortey John BorketeyAssistant Agricultural OfficerCentral
142Abigail AgyeiwaahAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
143Abigail MarteyAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
144Adolf YeboahAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
145Daniel Appiah-OtooAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
146Darko BelindaAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
147Emma Amorkor BannermanAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
148Francis MensahAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
149Isaac Opoku-DadzieAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
150Justice Kakraba MacauleyAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
151Kingsford Acquah BaahAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
152Mac-Ashun EmmanuelAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
153Naomi Lamiley GolightlyAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
154Ofori Awotwe AaronAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
155Christian Ayisi-LarbiAssistant Budget OfficerCentral
156Saah EmmanuelAssistant Budget OfficerCentral
157Alex Kwame ApauAssistant Development Planning OfficerCentral
158John AnnanAssistant Development Planning OfficerCentral
159Abraham Kofi AnnanAssistant Director II BCentral
160Emma Baaba AnsanuAssistant Director II BCentral
161Emmanuel Kwasi AbrokwaAssistant Director II BCentral
162Francis Williams BohamAssistant Director II BCentral
163Stephen Kweku EssienAssistant Director II BCentral
164Kojo Sam AppiahAssistant EngineerCentral
165Abigail Serwaa OkoreeAssistant Internal AuditorCentral
166Enoch Ofori BoatengAssistant Internal AuditorCentral
167Lucy InkoomAssistant Internal AuditorCentral
168Marfo Kwaku KusiAssistant Internal AuditorCentral
169Georgina WoodeAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeCentral
170Kwofie Samuel KingsfordAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeCentral
171Sampson BaahAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeCentral
172Samuel Edem TumawuAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeCentral
173Aminu Nii Aryee QuayeAssistant ProgrammerCentral
174Josiah WalkerAssistant ProgrammerCentral
175Mensah Wendell QuayeAssistant ProgrammerCentral
176David LarteyAssistant ProgrammerCentral
177Nana Yaa Adei BoatengHigher Executive OfficerCentral
178Larvie SelasieProcurement AssistantCentral
179Francis EssuonSenior Executive OfficerCentral
180Linda Nora CobbinahSenior Executive OfficerCentral
181Richard Raymond ArthurTechnician EngineerCentral
182Samuel Ato BineyAssistant Agricultural OfficerEastern
183Adzo NfodzoAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
184Agyeibea Opare BelindaAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
185Andy Adjewi TettehAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
186Anthony Kwabena AnsreAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
187Christian Ato MensahAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
188Edith Emefa AnyramAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
189Emmanuel AppiahAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
190Joyland Mawufemor KakrabaAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
191Patience Jerry AsamaniAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
192Ruth GyimahAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
193Sarah Addo KwabuahAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
194Ernest Adu YeboahAssistant Budget OfficerEastern
195Joan Phyliss SomeviAssistant Budget OfficerEastern
196John Boateng AhenkanAssistant Budget OfficerEastern
197Eric AgyeiAssistant Development Planning OfficerEastern
198Logah GeraldAssistant Development Planning OfficerEastern
199Stella Agyeiwaah AduAssistant Development Planning OfficerEastern
200Afia Akyemah KoreeAssistant Director II BEastern
201Benjamin Kesse TakyiAssistant Director II BEastern
202Charity Amoabeng YeboahAssistant Director II BEastern
203Clarabel Oye BaahAssistant Director II BEastern
204Dzacka Juliette Nana Yaa MensahAssistant Director II BEastern
205Essel WendyAssistant Director II BEastern
206Esther Adu-GyamfiAssistant Director II BEastern
207Eva MensahAssistant Director II BEastern
208Fati Issah MoroAssistant Director II BEastern
209Freda Abaka OtuAssistant Director II BEastern
210Frimpong MaryAssistant Director II BEastern
211Juliet Boakye-YiadomAssistant Director II BEastern
212Lily Sintim AboagyeAssistant Director II BEastern
213Mercy Asamoah-BaidooAssistant Director II BEastern
214Reeney AbbeyAssistant Director II BEastern
215Siaw Antoinette MawuenaAssistant Director II BEastern
216Winifred Kankam GyamfiAssistant Director II BEastern
217Yvonne Mantebea AduAssistant Director II BEastern
218Collins Antwi BoasiakoAssistant EngineerEastern
219Dartey Ohene Kwadwo AssahAssistant EngineerEastern
220Edem Lambert TrevorAssistant EngineerEastern
221Gloria Asantewaa AppiahAssistant Human Resource ManagerEastern
222Collins AsomaniAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
223Danso RichmondAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
224Eadberta Tweneboa-KoduaAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
225Ebenezer Benefo BoatengAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
226Emmanuel HodogbeAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
227Erica Nana Addy AcheampongAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
228Frankline Offei-AnsahAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
229Gifty Adugbila AnapokaAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
230Joseph Nortey BotchweyAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
231Josephine Sakinatu SalifuAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
232Mawunyo OwusuAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
233Modesta NamasamAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
234Paulina OtooAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
235Peace GatorAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
236Prince Tede DodzeAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
237Quaison EmmanuelAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
238Rita AgyapongAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
239Roberta Osei OtchereAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
240Salomey Animwaa YeboahAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
241Torkplizo Clement KwameAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
242Benjamin AnokwahAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeEastern
243Kotey Winnie KoteikaiAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeEastern
244Owusu PatrickAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeEastern
245Arkaifie Ekow EgyinAssistant Physical PlannerEastern
246Dotse Esinam JosephineAssistant Procurement OfficerEastern
247Portia OcranAssistant Procurement OfficerEastern
248Prince AsieduAssistant Procurement OfficerEastern
249Victoria Aku TawiahAssistant Procurement OfficerEastern
250Akrofi Kwadwo AppiahAssistant ProgrammerEastern
251David Samson DansoAssistant ProgrammerEastern
252Gadiel DadzieAssistant ProgrammerEastern
253Helena AsantewaaAssistant ProgrammerEastern
254Dachel AkyerefiAssistant ProgrammerEastern
255Daniel OffeiAssistant Social Development OfficerEastern
256Irene Aku-Sika NanegbeAssistant Social Development OfficerEastern
257Priscilla NewtonAssistant Social Development OfficerEastern
258Shishi AdamAssistant Social Development OfficerEastern
259Alberta Efua EssifulAssistant StatisticianEastern
260Alberta OdoomAssistant StatisticianEastern
261Prince Tettey KwaoAssistant StatisticianEastern
262Dennis Effum DarkoInformation Technology TechnicianEastern
263Felix OppongInformation Technology TechnicianEastern
264Agyei Nancy SerwaaProcurement AssistantEastern
265Charles Kofi OseiProcurement AssistantEastern
266Agyarko Sampong GodfredSenior Executive OfficerEastern
267Angela NanegbeSenior Executive OfficerEastern
268Elizabeth OppongSenior Executive OfficerEastern
269Mercy Offeibea SakyiSenior Executive OfficerEastern
270Akrong Augustus AfetiTechnician EngineerEastern
271Benjamin OseiTechnician EngineerEastern
272Bonsu Ernest MensahTechnician EngineerEastern
273Enoch Ahenkan KesseTechnician EngineerEastern
274Dalabri Sanja MosesAgricultural Extension AgentNorth East
275Emmanuel Davis AberorAssistant Budget AnalystNorth East
276Samsiya IddrisuAssistant Budget AnalystNorth East
277Razak Adama SeniorAssistant Development Planning OfficerNorth East
278Rafiyatu Husseini AmevorAssistant Director II BNorth East
279Baaba Abu-AdamsAssistant EngineerNorth East
280Aminu YakubuAssistant Internal AuditorNorth East
281Yakubu Ramadan SaaniAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeNorth East
282Anthony N. BaisssieAssistant Social Development OfficerNorth East
283Issah ToyibuAssistant Social Development OfficerNorth East
284Hafiz AwuduAssistant StatisticianNorth East
285Michael KarimProcurement AssistantNorth East
286Jaminja Rashid NuruSenior Social Development AssistantNorth East
287Nakwame Kofi RazakTechnician EngineerNorth East
288Abukari AndaniAssistant Budget AnalystNorthern
289Issah Rafia NassirudeenAssistant Budget AnalystNorthern
290Mohammed AdamsAssistant Budget AnalystNorthern
291Yakubu AdamAssistant Budget AnalystNorthern
292Nnundow WumbeiAssistant Development Planning OfficerNorthern
293Yakubu SayibuAssistant Development Planning OfficerNorthern
294Irene HolesiAssistant Director II BNorthern
295Rashida MusahAssistant Director II BNorthern
296Abdul-Baachi AbdulaiAssistant Human Resource ManagerNorthern
297Patience SeiduAssistant Human Resource ManagerNorthern
298Anaab MillicentAssistant Internal AuditorNorthern
299Ibrahim IddrisuAssistant Internal AuditorNorthern
300Kofi Konadu TenkorangAssistant Internal AuditorNorthern
301Umar FawziaAssistant Internal AuditorNorthern
302Alhassan Rafia ChentiwuniAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeNorthern
303Ibrahim IddrisuAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeNorthern
304Yamusah LatifaAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeNorthern
305Suraiya Mahamah AdamsAssistant Social Development OfficerNorthern
306Shani MutalaProcurement AssistantNorthern
307Mohammed IzirideenSenior Executive OfficerNorthern
308Christoph Adabadze KwasiAssistant Budget AnalystOti
309Edem Awuku-KusimeAssistant Budget AnalystOti
310Eugene OforiAssistant Budget AnalystOti
311Kafui Alban EkpeAssistant Budget AnalystOti
312Raymond Mortagah KofiAssistant Budget AnalystOti
313Seth AhamazieAssistant Budget AnalystOti
314Etornam Ahribi DelightAssistant Budget OfficerOti
315Abigail SebuabeyAssistant Director II BOti
316Atigedewe GloriaAssistant Director II BOti
317Grey Ntiamoah AsareAssistant Director II BOti
318Kwaku Opoku AdomahAssistant Director II BOti
319Selasi John AmevorAssistant Director II BOti
320Esinam Afi Nukporpe GbordjorAssistant Human Resource ManagerOti
321Liberty AkutseAssistant Human Resource ManagerOti
322Robert Russell BansonAssistant Human Resource ManagerOti
323Dawuni Ezekiel KondeAssistant Internal AuditorOti
324Doh Derry KwameAssistant Internal AuditorOti
325Paul Korblah MebleAssistant Internal AuditorOti
326Ruth  GyamfuaAssistant Internal AuditorOti
327Francis Nyamah DarkwaAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeOti
328Herdigail AmponsahAssistant Procurement OfficerOti
329Ebenezer EssilfieAssistant ProgrammerOti
330Nartey NoahAssistant Social Development OfficerOti
331Racheal Serwaa AcheampongSenior Executive OfficerOti
332Maximus MensahAssistant Budget AnalystSavannah
333Razak Adama JuniorAssistant Development Planning OfficerSavannah
334Abdul Rahman JuniorAssistant Director II BSavannah
335Diana OseiAssistant Human Resource ManagerSavannah
336Faiza Y. Abdul AzizAssistant Human Resource ManagerSavannah
337Adam Abdul RazakAssistant Social Development OfficerSavannah
338Fareed GombillaAssistant Social Development OfficerSavannah
339Sulemana NailaSenior Executive OfficerSavannah
340Jamila Abdul Aziz YinAssistant Budget AnalystUpper East
341Seidu Nyaaba Ana-AmbereAssistant Development Planning OfficerUpper East
342David Jawara BanyeAssistant Director II BUpper East
343Hasiya Issahaku Aka-EreAssistant Internal AuditorUpper East
344Joseph Akaware AwiahAssistant Internal AuditorUpper East
345Nyemitei Casely BernardAssistant ProgrammerUpper East
346Atanga Bright NwandiAssistant Social Development OfficerUpper East
347Ayelbire HonourProcurement AssistantUpper East
348Ankaara Rashid OlloAssistant Budget AnalystUpper West
349Dare James NaangmenkumahAssistant Budget AnalystUpper West
350Taluta Dumbu AlhassanAssistant Budget AnalystUpper West
351Osman AlhassanAssistant Development Planning OfficerUpper West
352Wisdom KaleshieAssistant Development Planning OfficerUpper West
353Philip BamouniAssistant Internal AuditorUpper West
354Gyien Kuuwolamah RaymondAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeUpper West
355Sei Rosemond AnboahAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeUpper West
356Regina De-Mor NarhAssistant Budget AnalystVolta
357Edith Gloria Kafui KottohAssistant Budget OfficerVolta
358Abigail Amoah SasuAssistant Director II BVolta
359Alice Logosu QuarshieAssistant Director II BVolta
360Anita Dzifa AkligoAssistant Director II BVolta
361Glover NutefeworlaAssistant Internal AuditorVolta
362Richard TsadiaAssistant Internal AuditorVolta
363Adzami James DoeAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeVolta
364Adzoh Sheritta Afi EdemAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeVolta
365Sarah Dede SangmorteyAssistant Procurement OfficerVolta
366Tibu DelanyoAssistant Procurement OfficerVolta
367Blessing HenebengAssistant Social Development OfficerVolta
368Sylvester Kojo DekuAssistant Social Development OfficerVolta
369Agbenyadzi RitaProcurement AssistantVolta
370Fiati SromawudaProcurement AssistantVolta
371Millicent ApawuProcurement AssistantVolta
372Yvonne Makafui SevorProcurement AssistantVolta
373Richard KontorAssistant Agricultural OfficerWestern
374Emmanuel ChintohAssistant Budget AnalystWestern
375Hannifa Christelle AntwiAssistant Budget AnalystWestern
376Matilda Takyi-MensahAssistant Budget AnalystWestern
377Ackah ThomasAssistant Budget OfficerWestern
378Philomina AnebaAssistant Budget OfficerWestern
379Selina NyarkoAssistant Budget OfficerWestern
380Maame Efua WilsonAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern
381Nestalina Oheneba DansoAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern
382Paa Kwesi Buaben PainstilAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern
383Samuel Antwi-BoasiakohAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern
384Emmanuel EyesonAssistant Director II BWestern
385Georgina TakyiAssistant Director II BWestern
386Olivia Kwesi FreemanAssistant EngineerWestern
387Adwoa Konadu Osei-TutuAssistant Human Resource ManagerWestern
388Aretha MannAssistant Human Resource ManagerWestern
389Rachael Okyere AbankwaAssistant Human Resource ManagerWestern
390Emmanuel Enoch EshunAssistant Internal AuditorWestern
391George OforiAssistant Internal AuditorWestern
392Gladys AdebahAssistant Internal AuditorWestern
393Iddrisu Babamu Seidu SorrogoAssistant Internal AuditorWestern
394Arthur Fanny VictoriaAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeWestern
395Blessed AmponsahAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeWestern
396Comfort  CaiquoAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeWestern
397Jemimah KwartengAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeWestern
398Azaletey DeborahAssistant Procurement OfficerWestern
399David AkuteyAssistant Procurement OfficerWestern
400Eric BilsonAssistant Procurement OfficerWestern
401Sefakor KwaoAssistant Procurement OfficerWestern
402Vera Annan BineyAssistant Procurement OfficerWestern
403Christian MensahAssistant ProgrammerWestern
404Isaac CobbinahAssistant ProgrammerWestern
405Bartholomew Bennet BonkuAssistant Social Development OfficerWestern
406Nicholas AmoahAssistant Social Development OfficerWestern
407Benjamin ObengAssistant StatisticianWestern
408Diana Kate RobertsAssistant StatisticianWestern
409Samuel Elliot OwusuAssistant StatisticianWestern
410Aminatu BraimahProcurement AssistantWestern
411Eric Ofori AmoahProcurement AssistantWestern
412Faustina MensahProcurement AssistantWestern
413Agnes KumahSenior Executive OfficerWestern
414Amoah Rexcel AndySenior Executive OfficerWestern
415Dadzie AnthonySenior Executive OfficerWestern
416Jerry BaidooTechnician EngineerWestern
417Kobina Okai DampsonTechnician EngineerWestern
418Gwendoline Mac-AshunAssistant Internal AuditorWestern
419Lartey NathanielAssistant Agricultural OfficerWestern North
420Ebenezer Mintah-AgyemanAssistant Budget AnalystWestern North
421Mavis Ekua AmoahAssistant Budget AnalystWestern North
422Yaw Oduro AcheampongAssistant Budget AnalystWestern North
423David Frimpong ObengAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern North
424Joana AnamolgaAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern North
425Michael Nii LarteyAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern North
426Ama Ofosua AsareAssistant Director II BWestern North
427Nii Atoapem Ablorh-QuayeAssistant Director II BWestern North
428Ewudzie PrinceAssistant Human Resource ManagerWestern North
429Martha VanderpuyeAssistant Human Resource ManagerWestern North
430Queensley Kooko AbbeyAssistant Human Resource ManagerWestern North
431Smith EnninAssistant Human Resource ManagerWestern North
432Solace-Pearl AnangAssistant Human Resource ManagerWestern North
433Bernard AmelorkuAssistant Internal AuditorWestern North
434Frank ElloinAssistant Internal AuditorWestern North
435Philip James Asante LarwehAssistant Internal AuditorWestern North
436Faustina Oforiwah AsanteAssistant Procurement OfficerWestern North
437Naana AmuquandohAssistant Social Development OfficerWestern North
438Giana KwartengAssistant StatisticianWestern North
439Addae Michael NyameteaseProcurement AssistantWestern North
440Adwoa Attaa TweneboahProcurement AssistantWestern North
441Joyce OseiProcurement AssistantWestern North
442Prince-Philip AmoahSenior Executive OfficerWestern North
443George Arthur JnrTechnician EngineerWestern North
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