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Local Government Service ( LGS ) Posting (3rd Batch)

Here is the 3rd Batch of Local Government Service ( LGS ) Posting for this year. The following officers have been appointed by the Local Government Service Council (LGSC) in the 3rd Batch of postings and are hereby, posted to the regions indicated against their names for reposting to the various MMDAs where their services are most needed.

  1.      The posting is with immediate effect.
  2.      Receiving RCCs are requested to report to this office the assumption of duty of the affected officers at their new stations in accordance with the Public Services Commission new deadlines on processing of new entrants.
  3.    IGF staff of MMDAs who have been given appointment are to be posted to their MMDAs where they were stationed.
  4.   RCCs are to ensure that all affected officers are posted to their stations to assume duty on or before 17thDecember.


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Local Government Service – LGS Posting 3rd Batch


1Baah Bennet KwabenaAssistant Agricultural OfficerAhafo
2Afrifa ObengAssistant Budget AnalystAhafo
3Amina KassimAssistant Budget AnalystAhafo
4Boamah GeorgeAssistant Budget AnalystAhafo
5Hayford BoakyeAssistant Budget AnalystAhafo
6Joshua Ebo HayfronAssistant Budget AnalystAhafo
7Osei Akoto AppiahAssistant Budget AnalystAhafo
8Amamatu IbrahimAssistant Development Planning OfficerAhafo
9Razak Adama JuniorAssistant Development Planning OfficerAhafo
10Razak Adama SeniorAssistant Development Planning OfficerAhafo
11Baaba Yedua BannermanAssistant Director II BAhafo
12Frank OpokuAssistant Director II BAhafo
13Ian Nii Azecumze OtooAssistant Director II BAhafo
14Jennifer Abena AmoahAssistant Director II BAhafo
15Samuel Fosu AcheampongAssistant Director II BAhafo
16Adjei  Owusu JusticeAssistant EngineerAhafo
17Mercy Duoduah SarquahnAssistant EngineerAhafo
18Gyeabour Serwaah SandraAssistant Human Resource ManagerAhafo
19Frederick BediakoAssistant Internal AuditorAhafo
20Priscilla Ofosua BoatengAssistant Internal AuditorAhafo
21Raphael Osei-TutuAssistant Internal AuditorAhafo
22Atubilla Isaac AssibiAssistant Procurement OfficerAhafo
23Betty Bella MarteyAssistant Procurement OfficerAhafo
24Frank AgyarkoAssistant ProgrammerAhafo
25Emmanuel Ofosu QuarteyAssistant Quantity SurveyorAhafo
26Benjamin Asare AmakyeAssistant Social Development OfficerAhafo
27Joel Maximilian VogelsangAssistant Social Development OfficerAhafo
28Anim SamuelProcurement AssistantAhafo
29Boateng JamesProcurement AssistantAhafo
30Quaye Bernice RashidaProcurement AssistantAhafo
31Joseph SackeySenior Executive OfficerAhafo
32Nusrat Aba BaidooSenior Executive OfficerAhafo
33Eric AdomakoSenior Social Development AssistantAhafo
34Mensah Marcus YawTechnician EngineerAhafo
35Annor Alfred OheneAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
36Attobrah ErnestAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
37Eunice AgyapongAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
38Gideon AddiahAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
39Mavis NkrumahAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
40Musah NastaAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
41Priscilla Addai-PokuAssistant Budget AnalystAshanti
42Sampong Bernard BamfoAssistant Budget OfficerAshanti
43Asante Bernard BoadiAssistant Development Planning OfficerAshanti
44Sebeh BoakyeAssistant Development Planning OfficerAshanti
45Adwoa Asieduwaa AkumiaAssistant Director II BAshanti
46Angela Gyamfi YeboahAssistant Director II BAshanti
47David Jawara BanyeAssistant Director II BAshanti
48Emmanuel Mante OduroAssistant Director II BAshanti
49Louis BoatengAssistant Director II BAshanti
50Maame Darkwaa Ofosuhene ApentengAssistant Director II BAshanti
51Patricia AmankwaaAssistant Director II BAshanti
52Raphael FrimpongAssistant Director II BAshanti
53Celestina Antwi NyarkoAssistant Director II BAshanti
54Percy DuncanAssistant Director II BAshanti
55Edmund Kofi AkonorteyAssistant EngineerAshanti
56Oppong-Wireko YawAssistant Environmental Health AnalystAshanti
57Kofi Atakora NyantakyiAssistant Estate ManagerAshanti
58Georgina Jet Class-PetersAssistant Human Resource ManagerAshanti
59Yvonne Mariane Owusu-AnsahAssistant Human Resource ManagerAshanti
60Augustina AnkomahAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
61Douglas Ogyam DuffuorAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
62Hajaratu Pagwuni AlhassanAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
63Musah SantaAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
64Jones Kyebure AsareAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
65Oppong Domfeh GyeabourAssistant Internal AuditorAshanti
66Asiedu JosephAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeAshanti
67Ofosu Sophia NellyAssistant Procurement OfficerAshanti
68Rosemond Asrifi AmponsahAssistant ProgrammerAshanti
69Nkrumah-Sarkodie SarahAssistant ProgrammerAshanti
70Kofi Kunadu WireduAssistant Quantity SurveyorAshanti
71Munira BraimahAssistant Social Development OfficerAshanti
72Portia Asuamah AddoAssistant Social Development OfficerAshanti
73Samuel Boachie AfriyieAssistant Social Development OfficerAshanti
74Addae Michael NyameteaseProcurement AssistantAshanti
75Kyei Baffour RitaProcurement AssistantAshanti
76Michael KarimProcurement AssistantAshanti
77Tabitha Monica TornyoProcurement AssistantAshanti
78Inkoom IshmaelSenior Executive OfficerAshanti
79Matilda KwartengSenior Executive OfficerAshanti
80Owusu Banahene LindaSenior Executive OfficerAshanti
81Adjei Boateng OnismusAssistant Budget AnalystBono
82Emmanuel AvoryiAssistant Budget AnalystBono
83James ManeAssistant Budget AnalystBono
84Justice Ofosu OseiAssistant Budget AnalystBono
85Kenneth Owusu AnsahAssistant Budget AnalystBono
86Annor Stephen ProsperAssistant Budget OfficerBono
87Owusu SamuelAssistant Budget OfficerBono
88Quansah RichardAssistant Budget OfficerBono
89Amina Hatong MoroAssistant Development Planning OfficerBono
90Sebe-Addo FrederickAssistant Development Planning OfficerBono
91Godfred Fynn-CodjoeAssistant Director II BBono
92Linda Nana Adwoa NkrumahAssistant Director II BBono
93Sakyiwaa StellaAssistant Director II BBono
94Gomez Nketia OwusuAssistant EngineerBono
95Prince Lucas AmissahAssistant EngineerBono
96Naomi Osei-OwusuAssistant Human Resource ManagerBono
97Peter AsigriAssistant Human Resource ManagerBono
98Solomon KyereAssistant Internal AuditorBono
99Joseph CommehAssistant Internal AuditorBono
100Pepertual Dartey AkuamoahAssistant Physical PlannerBono
101Safianu IbrahimAssistant Physical PlannerBono
102Bright Bampoe AddoAssistant ProgrammerBono
103Gordon Osei OwusuAssistant ProgrammerBono
104Teddy Osei BonsuAssistant ProgrammerBono
105Reindolph Afrifa-OwareInformation Technology TechnicianBono
106Elizabeth Animwaa SasuProcurement AssistantBono
107Akuffo Marian OwusuaSenior Executive OfficerBono
108Cephas MensahAssistant Budget AnalystBono East
109Clifford Sefa OwusuAssistant Budget AnalystBono East
110Sandra OkyereAssistant Budget AnalystBono East
111Mensah Jonathan JacobsAssistant Budget OfficerBono East
112Mohammed Kofi Boah UssifAssistant Budget OfficerBono East
113Penelope Birago FrimpongAssistant Development Planning OfficerBono East
114Baah Takyiwaa AliceAssistant Director II BBono East
115Juliet Abena Asantewa-AntwiAssistant Director II BBono East
116Osei Walters GideonAssistant Director II BBono East
117Jibrila Ramzi NuhuAssistant Director II BBono East
118Addae Emmanuel NtimAssistant EngineerBono East
119Evans AduAssistant EngineerBono East
120Rafiatu Abdul-RahmanAssistant Estate ManagerBono East
121Frank Osei-WusuAssistant Human Resource ManagerBono East
122Emmanuel OseiAssistant Internal AuditorBono East
123Enoch Akuamoah-BoatengAssistant Internal AuditorBono East
124Musah RazakAssistant Internal AuditorBono East
125Owusua AlimataAssistant Internal AuditorBono East
126Ernest Kodom OseiAssistant Internal AuditorBono East
127Lucy Yakubu SherifaAssistant Internal AuditorBono East
128Brookman Bright EwusiAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeBono East
129Mustapha AsmiuAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeBono East
130Naazelle K. WilliamsAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeBono East
131Reindorf AmpaduAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeBono East
132Kwabena Kyeremateng TemengAssistant Physical PlannerBono East
133Jennifer Aseye DogoeAssistant ProgrammerBono East
134Hashim Ali HashimAssistant Social Development OfficerBono East
135James Ati YeboahAssistant Social Development OfficerBono East
136Kwamina Attakow DiafoAssistant StatisticianBono East
137Dandori Anita MadiwehSenior Executive OfficerBono East
138Ofori Osei SamuelSenior Executive OfficerBono East
139Daniel SakahTechnician EngineerBono East
140Raymond Woode OtaaAssistant Agricultural OfficerCentral
141Adwoa Asare-AmoahAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
142Dawson HuseinAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
143Kweku Opare OdoiAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
144Linda Ataa EffahAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
145Seth AcquahAssistant Budget AnalystCentral
146Augustina AyiteyAssistant Director II BCentral
147Betty AbaidooAssistant Director II BCentral
148Doreen Mends BuahAssistant Director II BCentral
149Emmanuel EssounAssistant Director II BCentral
150Evelyn PrahAssistant Director II BCentral
151Gerophine LarteyAssistant Director II BCentral
152Prudence Clara AnamanAssistant Director II BCentral
153Rashida MusahAssistant Director II BCentral
154Deborah CubageeAssistant Human Resource ManagerCentral
155Stella AmpahAssistant Human Resource ManagerCentral
156Owusu Kofi MichealAssistant Internal AuditorCentral
157Prosper AllotehAssistant Internal AuditorCentral
158Doreen Ntiriwaa AmoaningAssistant Internal AuditorCentral
159Francis BaahAssistant Internal AuditorCentral
160Annang EbenezerAssistant Procurement OfficerCentral
161Herdigail AmponsahAssistant Procurement OfficerCentral
162Ntiamoah MichaelAssistant Procurement OfficerCentral
163Shadrach Nii Ayikwei BotchwayAssistant Procurement OfficerCentral
164Naana AmuquandohAssistant Social Development OfficerCentral
165Frank Remi MosesSenior Executive OfficerCentral
166Mensah GloriaSenior Executive OfficerCentral
167Mensah SharonSenior Executive OfficerCentral
168Quaique Ruth MensimahSenior Executive OfficerCentral
169Nora Norley NorteySenior Social Development AssistantCentral
170Stella KwakyeSenior Social Development AssistantCentral
171Tetteh Faustina NartekiSenior Social Development AssistantCentral
172Danso StephenAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeCentral
173Afanu JohnAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
174Emmanuel Davis AberorAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
175Mary Koowa QuayeAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
176Maximus MensahAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
177Richmond AgodaAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
178Seth AhamazieAssistant Budget AnalystEastern
179Etornam Ahribi DelightAssistant Budget OfficerEastern
180Malik Fouzia AwusatuAssistant Budget OfficerEastern
181David Frimpong ObengAssistant Development Planning OfficerEastern
182Selasie AmekoAssistant Development Planning OfficerEastern
183Abigail Amoah SasuAssistant Director II BEastern
184Abigail Ayeley TagoeAssistant Director II BEastern
185Abigail SebuabeyAssistant Director II BEastern
186Akor-Boafo FranciscaAssistant Director II BEastern
187Alex AsamoahAssistant Director II BEastern
188Anita Dzifa AkligoAssistant Director II BEastern
189Derrick Ohene-BaahAssistant Director II BEastern
190Edward Opoku-SintimAssistant Director II BEastern
191Ella HakamatuAssistant Director II BEastern
192Elorm Ama KlutseAssistant Director II BEastern
193Gertrude Opoku-MensahAssistant Director II BEastern
194Gifty Agyabima BentilAssistant Director II BEastern
195Grey Ntiamoah AsareAssistant Director II BEastern
196Patricia NnuroAssistant Director II BEastern
197Peggy Ayerkor TetteyAssistant Director II BEastern
198Selasi John AmevorAssistant Director II BEastern
199Sharon DodooAssistant Director II BEastern
200Cynthia Antwiwaa AmeyawAssistant Director II BEastern
201Dorothea Hagar AsanteAssistant Director II BEastern
202Baaba Abu-AdamsAssistant EngineerEastern
203Francisca Naki DadeboAssistant EngineerEastern
204Kofi Osei-MansuohAssistant EngineerEastern
205Samuel Koranteng BaidooAssistant EngineerEastern
206Evelyn AnimahAssistant Human Resource ManagerEastern
207Kyerewaa AlhassanAssistant Human Resource ManagerEastern
208Racheal KanmwaaAssistant Human Resource ManagerEastern
209Solace-Pearl AnangAssistant Human Resource ManagerEastern
210Bernard AmelorkuAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
211Mary PrempehAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
212Prince YeboahAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
213Ruth  GyamfuaAssistant Internal AuditorEastern
214Francis Nyamah DarkwaAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeEastern
215Bernard DonkohAssistant Physical PlannerEastern
216Ekow Egyin AkraifeAssistant Physical PlannerEastern
217Faustina Oforiwah AsanteAssistant Procurement OfficerEastern
218Patrice Asante BoamahAssistant Procurement OfficerEastern
219Zariatu Nadia IssahAssistant Procurement OfficerEastern
220Amenyitor Dzifa Elorm AkuAssistant ProgrammerEastern
221Agyekum Bridgit OhenewaaAssistant Social Development OfficerEastern
222Requeender Joycelyn ArthurAssistant Social Development OfficerEastern
223Sandra Kwabea SarkwahAssistant Social Development OfficerEastern
224Peter Raymond AkyeaAssistant StatisticianEastern
225Prince Tettey KwaoAssistant StatisticianEastern
226Raymond Kojo BoadiInformation Technology TechnicianEastern
227Prince Ntiamoah BosompemProcurement AssistantEastern
228Fuseini AyishaProcurement AssistantEastern
229Chidi Bridget FafanyoAssistant Budget OfficerEastern
230Annette VaadiAssistant Director II BEastern
231Eunice Baffour AlimohAssistant Director II BEastern
232Godwin KorantengAssistant EngineerEastern
233Dorcas AggreyAssistant Procurement OfficerEastern
234Adam MohammedAssistant Director II BNorth East
235Kusiau Frank FuseiniAssistant Director II BNorth East
236Raina KantonAssistant Director II BNorth East
237Raina KantonAssistant Director II BNorth East
238Azumah LaariAssistant Environmental Health AnalystNorth East
239Loorika Alhassan PokabiukAssistant Human Resource ManagerNorth East
240Zakari Gumah ShafawuAssistant Human Resource ManagerNorth East
241Yahuza Tiah AdamAssistant Internal AuditorNorth East
242Ibrahim Muhammed Shariff-DeenProcurement AssistantNorth East
243Inusah Osuman BabaProcurement AssistantNorth East
244Imoro Kubura RahmattSenior Executive OfficerNorth East
245Mahama MariamaSenior Executive OfficerNorth East
246Sulemana AdamSenior Executive OfficerNorth East
247Mohammed Awal AlhassanAssistant Budget AnalystNorthern
248Yushau NuhuAssistant Budget AnalystNorthern
249Mahama ImoroAssistant Budget OfficerNorthern
250Mohammed AhmedAssistant Budget OfficerNorthern
251Habib LukmanAssistant Development Planning OfficerNorthern
252Zakaria AbdulaiAssistant Development Planning OfficerNorthern
253Adams Mashurata MahamaAssistant Director II BNorthern
254Selma AdamAssistant Estate ManagerNorthern
255Amaatu Modesta AzangbiokAssistant Human Resource ManagerNorthern
256Patrick NkansahAssistant Internal AuditorNorthern
257Suleman SherifatuAssistant Internal AuditorNorthern
258Chimsi MohammedAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeNorthern
259Mohammed AlhassanAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeNorthern
260Shaibu Misbawu MohammedAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeNorthern
261Yamba BarichisuAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeNorthern
262Iddrisu Sumayatu SuhuyiniAssistant ProgrammerNorthern
263Abdul-Malik Mohammed AwalAssistant Social Development OfficerNorthern
264Kipo LatifaSenior Executive OfficerNorthern
265Umar MutawakiluSenior Executive OfficerNorthern
266Mohammed MusahAssistant Budget AnalystNorthern
267Sachibu AdamAssistant Internal AuditorNorthern
268Dawuda AdamAssistant Internal AuditorNorthern
269Abdul-Waris IddrisuAssistant Physical PlannerNorthern
270Alhassan AbubakariSenior Executive OfficerNorthern
271Alhassan HamdiaSenior Executive OfficerNorthern
272Bismark BoameAssistant Budget AnalystOti
273Cynthia AmowiAssistant Budget AnalystOti
274Otoo MichaelAssistant Budget AnalystOti
275Takyi Esperanza TabuaaAssistant Budget AnalystOti
276Mayimba Kwame PeterAssistant Budget OfficerOti
277Medar Avorgbedor MensahAssistant Budget OfficerOti
278Seth Kofi AgbottahAssistant Development Planning OfficerOti
279Akweley NarhAssistant Director II BOti
280Dominic Adjei AppohAssistant Director II BOti
281Francis AbbeyAssistant Director II BOti
282Jefferey Ebenezer Benjamin AmpahAssistant Director II BOti
283Paul Kwame HokoeAssistant Director II BOti
284Robin Maxwell Theodore AmosAssistant Director II BOti
285Sylvester TeikuAssistant Director II BOti
286Tagoe Andrew Nii AyiAssistant Director II BOti
287Thaddeus Tawiah BilsonAssistant Director II BOti
288Michaelson Adu AddoAssistant Director II BOti
289Oladeji SamuelAssistant EngineerOti
290Edward ArthurAssistant Internal AuditorOti
291Reuben ArmahAssistant Internal AuditorOti
292Daniel Mawuli Edulah AmenuvorAssistant Physical PlannerOti
293Batsa AmosAssistant Quantity SurveyorOti
294Dauda ZakariaAssistant Quantity SurveyorOti
295Ebenezer OkuAssistant Social Development OfficerOti
296Lempu DanielSenior Social Development AssistantOti
297Emmanuel Allan PokuTechnician EngineerOti
298Kingsley AmankwahTechnician EngineerOti
299James Dontunor VuyonAssistant Budget AnalystSavannah
300Seidu KassimAssistant Budget AnalystSavannah
301Assan FauziaAssistant Budget OfficerSavannah
302Charles Adams AmaduAssistant Development Planning OfficerSavannah
303Mamudu MohammedAssistant Development Planning OfficerSavannah
304Justice Bright Zusung YinguraAssistant Director II BSavannah
305Aruna IslamAssistant EngineerSavannah
306Ibrahim FuseiniAssistant Environmental Health AnalystSavannah
307Joseph KpenoAssistant Internal AuditorSavannah
308Aboul-Hassan AbdallahAssistant Internal AuditorSavannah
309Raymond John TiikaAssistant Physical PlannerSavannah
310Emilia DourteyAssistant Social Development OfficerSavannah
311Yakubu HidirSenior Social Development AssistantSavannah
312Osman AsanaAssistant Budget AnalystUpper East
313Abundaug Isaiah AzumahAssistant Budget OfficerUpper East
314Fatuo Niworo CharichariAssistant Budget OfficerUpper East
315Jinjing Lewei SolomonAssistant Budget OfficerUpper East
316Miyella ChristianaAssistant Development Planning OfficerUpper East
317Bernard Balinia AddaAssistant Director II BUpper East
318Sumaila IddrisuAssistant Environmental Health AnalystUpper East
319Abdallah Moro AdamuAssistant Physical PlannerUpper East
320Mba Assibilla EvansHeadman LabourerUpper East
321Apasnaba Ayarne HarryProcurement AssistantUpper East
322Iddrisu AjaratuProcurement AssistantUpper East
323Hudat OsmanAssistant Development Planning OfficerUpper West
324Bafere WenslausAssistant Internal AuditorUpper West
325Abdul-Rahaman HabeebAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeUpper West
326Iddrisu LatifAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeUpper West
327Abdul Rahman YahayaAssistant Social Development OfficerUpper West
328Ibrahim Syla BawahAssistant Social Development OfficerUpper West
329N-Akul Juawie NdianAssistant Social Development OfficerUpper West
330Abdulai RahimatuSenior Social Development AssistantUpper West
331Alhassan ShahidSenior Social Development AssistantUpper West
332Iddrisu AbubakariAssistant Development Planning OfficerUpper West
333Dorcas Ayitey-TeyeAssistant Budget AnalystVolta
334Valentina SelormeyAssistant Budget AnalystVolta
335Essandoh FrancisAssistant Budget OfficerVolta
336Justiice Kwesi Arthur JuniorAssistant Budget OfficerVolta
337Kottoh Edith Gloria KafuiAssistant Budget OfficerVolta
338Lamsing Alfred SiihAssistant Budget OfficerVolta
339Nyajabun Obabela GodwinAssistant Budget OfficerVolta
340Victoria Alberta SaikoomAssistant Budget OfficerVolta
341Ebenezer NkrumahAssistant Development Planning OfficerVolta
342Michael InsaidooAssistant Development Planning OfficerVolta
343Mohammed Halisu AdamAssistant Development Planning OfficerVolta
344Afriyie ElizabethAssistant Director II BVolta
345Ama Amerley NyarkoAssistant Director II BVolta
346Andrew Nanor TamateyAssistant Director II Bvolta
347Bernice YankeyAssistant Director II BVolta
348Catherine Tsotsoo AdjeiAssistant Director II BVolta
349Cosmos OwusuAssistant Director II BVolta
350Jennifer FolliAssistant Director II BVolta
351Regina AganuAssistant Director II BVolta
352Stella Namoa DansoAssistant Director II Bvolta
353Thomas Jefferson Tenmotey KitcherAssistant Director II BVolta
354Kwabena Osei KuffourAssistant Director II BVolta
355Frank Arami DayieAssistant EngineerVolta
356Nkuah Benjamin AsieduAssistant EngineerVolta
357Wilson Mawutor AgbenuAssistant EngineerVolta
358Christabel Amenorpe FummeyAssistant Environmental Health AnalystVolta
359Godwin AgbekoAssistant Internal AuditorVolta
360Jerela Abu AlbertAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeVolta
361Albert Amoah TettehAssistant Physical PlannerVolta
362Kennedy Kwame AyidzoeAssistant ProgrammerVolta
363Maxwell Kwame AmuzuAssistant ProgrammerVolta
364Pascal KporkuAssistant Quantity SurveyorVolta
365Samuel OdoomAssistant StatisticianVolta
366Deborah OwusuProcurement AssistantVolta
367Alhassan KadiriProduction OfficerVolta
368Richmond Mawusi AdonuProduction OfficerVolta
369Akrong Linsford LaryeaSenior Executive OfficerVolta
370Faith AgbavorSenior Executive OfficerVolta
371Sharon TetteyfioSenior Executive OfficerVolta
372Fianyo Winfred KwablaSenior Information Technology TechnicianVolta
373Graham Kwasi ObedSenior Information Technology TechnicianVolta
374Agbolosu Festus KodzoTechnician EngineerVolta
375Anku Jerry KwakuTechnician EngineerVolta
376Forster AgoziAssistant Agricultural OfficerVolta
377Emelia Abena SakyiAssistant Director II BVolta
378Wisdom Kudzoe DekuAssistant Director II BVolta
379Aaron Awotwe OforiAssistant Budget AnalystWestern
380Benjamin Kwamena AffulAssistant Budget AnalystWestern
381Matthew Kwesi MensahAssistant Budget AnalystWestern
382Mercy Hazel EshunAssistant Budget AnalystWestern
383Ursula Agnes BorquayeAssistant Budget AnalystWestern
384Williams E.T DavisAssistant Budget AnalystWestern
385Lydia AmihereAssistant Budget AnalystWestern
386Rebecca AmpahAssistant Budget AnalystWestern
387Baah Kwabena EugeneAssistant Budget OfficerWestern
388Dadzie PaulAssistant Budget OfficerWestern
389Dorcas QuarmAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern
390Ethel Akuba MensahAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern
391Sosu TheophilusAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern
392Coffie John SakpoAssistant Director II BWestern
393Darko Kofi GyabenAssistant Director II BWestern
394Justice Kwesi AnamanAssistant Director II BWestern
395Larnyoh Pallasthena KorkorAssistant Director II BWestern
396Olivia Opoku-MensahAssistant Director II BWestern
397Samuel Enoch Bentum EssumanAssistant Director II BWestern
398Donkor Elgiva AkuaAssistant EngineerWestern
399Fred AboagyeAssistant Human Resource ManagerWestern
400Emmanuel Enoch EshunAssistant Internal AuditorWestern
401Gladys AdebahAssistant Internal AuditorWestern
402Jesse Onumah-MensahAssistant Internal AuditorWestern
403Raphael Ebo BoisonAssistant Procurement OfficerWestern
404Ruth EzahAssistant Procurement OfficerWestern
405Eric AffulAssistant ProgrammerWestern
406Philip SankofiAssistant ProgrammerWestern
407Erica Achiaa BoatengAssistant Social Development OfficerWestern
408David Woode-NabbAssistant StatisticianWestern
409Dorcas Yaaba EllimahAssistant StatisticianWestern
410Frederick ArmohAssistant StatisticianWestern
411Annan Cobbinah ComfortSenior Executive OfficerWestern
412Djentuh GloriaSenior Executive OfficerWestern
413Benedicta A. Boateng KyeiwaaTechnician EngineerWestern
414Agyekum Bridgit OhenewaaAssistant Budget AnalystWestern
415Dadylina Miriam Sarpong BoatengAssistant Director II BWestern
416Ebenezer Kwasi YanksonAssistant Director II BWestern
417Mensah Isaac EvansAssistant Director II BWestern
418Ramatu TowahAssistant Director II BWestern
419Rebecca HalmAssistant Director II BWestern
420Rachel BuahProcurement AssistantWestern
421Emmanuel Amoako-BoatengAssistant Budget AnalystWestern North
422Emmanuel Fauchie KwantengAssistant Budget AnalystWestern North
423Jennifatu Woba SaliahAssistant Budget AnalystWestern North
424Richard AsanteAssistant Budget OfficerWestern North
425Bonsu Kwaku AsamoahAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern North
426Ebenezer KyeiAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern North
427Joseph BaduAssistant Development Planning OfficerWestern North
428Derrick Boakye AduAssistant Director II BWestern North
429Gabriel Justus MensahAssistant Director II BWestern North
430Kwabena KyerematengAssistant Director II BWestern North
431Richard Sylvester NiipalaAssistant Director II BWestern North
432Solomon Oduro DansoAssistant Director II BWestern North
433Emmanuel Osafo MensahAssistant Director II BWestern North
434Justice AmoAssistant Director II BWestern North
435Prince Reginald AmihereAssistant Director II BWestern North
436Sharm Abdul HameedAssistant Director II BWestern North
437Armoh DavidAssistant EngineerWestern North
438Barbara AshongAssistant EngineerWestern North
439Francis Adjei Adjetey LondonAssistant EngineerWestern North
440Twum BarnabasAssistant Estate ManagerWestern North
441Tetteh-Fio Daniel Nii NarAssistant Human Resource ManagerWestern North
442Ahmed Saleem FuseiniAssistant Internal AuditorWestern North
443Bernard Lord AcquahAssistant Internal AuditorWestern North
444Frederick Owusu MensahAssistant Internal AuditorWestern North
445Bilal KadiriAssistant Internal AuditorWestern North
446Joseph Danso DubiAssistant Internal AuditorWestern North
447Martin Kwabena Arkoh OtooAssistant Internal Auditor TraineeWestern North
448Asamoah-Boakye JnrAssistant ProgrammerWestern North
449Hamdiya SualaAssistant Social Development OfficerWestern North
450Alhassan TahiduAssistant StatisticianWestern North
451Daniel KombatAssistant StatisticianWestern North
452Amartey Gideon AmarhProcurement AssistantWestern North
453Joseph MensahProcurement AssistantWestern North
454Lewis Aseidu SamSenior Executive OfficerWestern North
455Isaac AnsahTechnician EngineerWestern North
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