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What Is The Difference Between M.Ed and M.Phil

This article explains the difference between Master Of Education (M.Ed) and Master Of Philosophy (M.Phil) programmes and certifications offered by the various tertiary institutions. This article answers : What is the difference between M.Ed and MPhil?


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What is the difference between M.Ed and MPhil?

  1. M. Ed stands for Master of Education whilst M. Phil stands for Master of Philosophy.
  2. M. Ed is usually offered as a 1 year post graduate programme (eg. M. ED Social Studies) in most universities here in Ghana while M. Phil is a 2 year post graduate programme( eg. M. Phil Social Studies)
  3. The admission requirement for M. ED is a Bachelors/First degree in a related while the admission requirement for M. Phil is either Bachelors or M. Ed degree in a related field.
  4. A First degree or Bachelor degree holder pursues M. phil for two years while M. Ed degree holder pursues M. Phil for only one year.
  5. Thus, 1 year for course work, and 1 year for thesis. It is Generally a research work.
  6. An M. Phil holder is usually placed ahead of M. Ed holder because of the duration and the thesis that is completed before the award of the certificate.
  7. M. Phil holders can be appointed as Lecturers/Tutors in Universities and Colleges.
  8. It is also worth noting that, the 1 year M. Ed programmes are peculiar to Ghana and some other countries. In other countries, M. Ed programmes are offered for 2 years with thesis just like the M. Phil programmes hence they carry the same weight. Don’t be surprised when you see that when applying to a foreign university.
  9. They are both post- graduate academic courses but with different duration and weight depending on the university and the country involved.
  10. When you have the chance and the means to pursue the two, it is advisable to go for M. Phil. Any post graduate programme with thesis is a better option.
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Credits: Hon Jerry Akporhor

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