Important Information For All NABCO Beneficiaries Struggling With Career Pathways Portal

Here are solution to some of the problems you might be facing on the Nabco Career Pathways Transition Portal for permanent jobs.

The Director in charge of Business Research and Skills Development at the Head office of the Nation Builders Corps Mubarak Bowan in an exclusive interview said, those complaining about their information’s missing from the system after been saved, must make sure they complete the mandatory space in each section.


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Solution To Problems On The Nabco Career Pathways Transition Portal for Permanent Jobs

“Each section has a mandatory form, if you want to save a section and come back later, you must have completed all the mandatory space. If you don’t complete all the mandatary space and saved it, the system deems it as an incomplete section, and the next time you opened it, it brings out the whole thing for you to refill. So, you must fill the complete section and save it to come back later to proceed.”

According to Mr. Bowan, some of the remedies in preventing the system from crashing is by putting in place a queue in control, so that once the system reaches its limits, it prevents additional people from putting a load on the system.



“…every system is built with a capacity and limit, if you bridge the limit or the capacity, the system will crash. Some of the remedies in preventing the system from crashing is that, at the back end, we put a queue in control. So once the system reaches its limit, it prevents additional people from putting loads on the system.

Let say, we have a 20,000 limit, and it reaches a 20, 000 limit if you want to log in, it will put you in a cue. So, that is why it delays your login in, immediately somebody drops out, it allows you to go in. So, every attempt is queued. So, the number of people who log out will create a space for those who want to log in. If you try to log in and the system isn’t allowing you, what it means is that the system is congested.”

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However, he said even though they receive a lot of these complaints every day by day, thousands of people still have access to go through the process successfully.

“…we keep receiving the complaints, but we have thousands of thousand that have completed the process. The other way is, take out the limit and the system will crash and no one has access to it, but that is not the way to go. So is a preventive measure to ensure that the system doesn’t crash.” He said


  1. I started and completed the first to third stage and kept receiving 500 errors after the 3rd stage. I complained to the office and was asked to keep trying which I did that severally and also used different browsers but still couldn’t complete the registration I called Nabco Secretariat and none of the numbers on their website went through. So I don’t think exiting me will be fair because it wasn’t my fault.

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