NABCO Career Pathways Transition Portal Date And Schedule For All Modules

Here is the NABCO Career Pathways Transition Portal Date And Schedule For All Modules (Feed, Heal, Enterprise, Revenue, Educate, Civic and Digitize Ghana). The NABCO Head Quarters has finally come out with the full dates schedules by modules to enable all trainees from the modules to be fully aware of their dates for the registration. The career pathway portal has now been limited to only specific modules under the NABCO programme.

This comes after challenges of NABCO personnel in accessing the portal. Management of NABCO has decided to make the application in batches so that, things will run smoothly. Trainees from other modules will not be able to have access to the site until it is their turn.

All trainees from Feed Ghana, Heal Ghana, and Enterprise Ghana are granted access first to the career pathways portal. Those granted access can proceed to login and continue with the application for the permanent job, entrepreneurship, and further learning. Other trainees from the other modules are to wait till its their turn as stated in the schedule below to access the NABCO career pathways portal.

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NABCO Career Pathways Transition Portal Date And Schedule For All Modules

Below are the date schedules for each module.

Schedules For Feed Ghana ,  Heal Ghana and Enterprise Ghana Module

  • From 27th November until 6:00 am Sunday, November 29th.

Schedule For Revenue Ghana

  • From Sunday, November 29th 6:00 am  to 6:00 am, Tuesday, December 1st
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Schedule For Educate Ghana

  • From 6:00 am Tuesday, December 1st to 6:00 am Thursday, December 03rd

Schedule For Civic And Digitise Ghana

  • From 6:00 am Thursday, December 03rd to 6:00 am Saturday, December 05th.


Registering With Ghana Card

The system has been allowed to acknowledge the following for Ghana Card for trainees who have registered but haven’t been issued with a card yet. Those who haven’t registered can go to NIA and register.

  1. In place of the Ghana Card Number, Input your SURNAME-DATE OF BIRTH in the following format ( ACQUAH-22/11/2020),
  2. In place of uploading a copy of Ghana Card, upload the RECEIPT issued to you by the NIA after registration.


  1. This permanent job portal for enterprise Ghana is not working. Why the deadlines?

  2. Some of us have our GH card receipt writing being faed off, this means that you can not even read what is on it, so can we still upload blank receipt ?

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