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NABCO May Stipends Payment: Check What Do If You Are Yet To Be Payed

NABCO trainee’s stipends for the month of ‘MAY’ were paid and on the 5th of May 2020 however most trainees not getting a payment received a message from NABCO. A situation that seems unusual to many especially those who always had a message whenever they are paid by NABCO.


As of Saturday 6/05/2020, the whole of the NABCO platform was flooded with the issues of ‘MAY Payment’. Trainees who had no payment message from NABCO keep on asking to know if there are other trainees who have not gotten the payment message but when they check their card, they found that the money was there.

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This question kept on popping up on most of these groups and the most surprising thing was that these trainees who had no payment message when they check their portal remarks, they found out that, their stipends remark section was still processing payment.


As usual, when this happens, ‘We’ always get a lot of messages and comments on our site and because of that, we decided to look for a response to these trainees.



We made some followups and from the findings, it shows that, all trainees have been paid and that regardless of them not getting the payment received message, they can still go to the bank and load their E-zwich and cashout the money.


That the portal has also been updated for all trainees to see their payment remarks for May Stipends.

All Eligible trainees should see ‘PAID’ as a remark on their portal against the MAY Payment History. Anything other than that means such a trainee is not eligible for May payment and should consult his or her District coordinator for rectification.

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So if you are a trainee, who is regular at the post, Submitted monthly timesheet, Not employed by any organization, not vacated post, has refunded fully your overpaid amount to your district coordinator, then you can check your NABCO portal for the remarks.

Once you get a remark other than PAID, it means there is a problem somewhere and you are advised to consult your district coordinator for further details on your remarks.




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