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NABCO Payment Validation Notice : Full Details

In a Payment Circular from the Headquarters of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO ) dated April 23, 2020, Validations for April 2020 Trainee Stipend Payment has been opened and fully functional from today Thursday, April 23 to Thursday, April 30, 2020. The system shall close at 17:00GMT (5pm) on April 30, 2020 which is the deadline for all DCs and RCs to validate and approve payments. All coordinators are urges to be guided by the following and where necessary advice accordingly;





  1. If you cannot locate a trainee(s) on your validation list at your district, kindly provide their details to your Zonal Monitors or Regional Coordinators to search for them. They may likely still be in another district, you can either liaise with your colleagues at the districts they are currently located to validate them then have your Regional Coordinators effect their transfers later. Regional coordinators have access rights to search for trainees details across all districts in your region.
  2. Alternatively, you could submit the list of those be transferred to your Regional Coordinators to effect the transfers and approve same for authorisation then the trainees can appear on your district list for validation. Beware that this may take time.
  3. If the trainees are within the the same region, the RC shall effect the transfers from their current location to the targeted (new) location and approve.
  4. If the trainees to be affected are located in a different region, your RC must forward the list to be transferred to the RC in that region to effect the transfers so that your RC in the target region can approve.
  5. Note: All approved transfers must be authorised by the MIP Officer at HQ: Current MIPS/Employers should be aware of the movement and targeted/ New MIPS must have made a request for workforce and the MIP must be a valid MIP or has a valid MoU with NABCO.
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  1. If you are Not sure of the status of any trainee please Do SOME DUE DILIGENCE checks before you validate as Not Eligible so they would be available to you to validate later. If you validate as Not eligible, they will for now not show on your list for validation again or shall appear hereafter NOT ELIGIBLE.
  2. Ensure you double check your validations and submit them to your Regional Coordinators for approval. Follow up with Regional Coordinators to approve,
  3. You can submit as and when you validate. You must not necessarily wait to validate all before submitting for approval. Those you submit will drop off your list and wouldn’t be available for you to revalidate except your Regional Coordinators decline to approve and you validate all over again for that submitted batch,
  4. Those automatically tagged NOT ELIGIBLE are these categories; Declined for the month, Not Placed and accepted placement in the system even though you may have locally place them but such details not submitted to be captured. Please ensure the right process is complied with and don’t make that an issue for this validation. The following categories who were validated by DCs in March 2020 validations would also appear Not Eligible a. Deceased, b. Permanently Employed, c. Exited Program, d. Vacated Post and e. Not Reported. For those listed in d and e, you may report any errors through RCs for investigation and resolution.
  5. You may not see Pending or Declined but working trainees. A process has began to investigate and possibly resolve so don’t make it an issue for this validation as well. And if you have submitted such list, kindly wait for the process to complete.
  6. Once validated, submitted and approved, trainees portals would show the following; 1. Those validated Eligible to be paid will show “Payment Processing”, (payment processing means payments are being processed and for those who change their eZwich cards to new cards or have invalid cards the processes could take longer) 2. Those Validated Not Eligible to be paid will show “Validated Not be paid/The reason”, 3. Those Not validated by DCs will show “Not Validated”, 4. Those validated, submitted by DCs but the submitted validations not approved by RCs will show “Validation Not Approved” and 5. After payment those with payment processing are paid, their portals will change to their “paid” status and if they are issues, feedback will be provided; Hot cards, Invalid USN, Names Mismatch, Duplicate eZwich/Department, Inactive FI (Bank), Payment under Investigation etc.
  7. Trainees without eZwich numbers in their portals must be advised to provide valid eZwich numbers before being validated. Their payment cannot be made if they have no valid eZwich card numbers.
  8. Trainees who have done card “replacements”, please, not “changed” cards, need not change their portals else it would delay their payment due to reverifications of new eZwich numbers. This could take up to 21 working days.
  9. Challenges with loading of funds must be addressed to cardholders banks and the banks must liaise with GhIPSS to resolve. NABCO has no capacity to resolve funds loading challenges please.
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  1. A large group of trainees whose status were “processing payments” mainly due to New/Changed/Now Submitted eZwich Cards have been verified and payments for January to March 2020 has restarted. And after this, same category of those validated for Missed Payments for 2019 would also be effected. Those whose still have issues should see their portals reflect the issues and take actions accordingly.
  2. Some Payments are still being processed because during the time we were verifying the New/Changed/Now submitted eZwich, some of these went into their portals and changed their eZwich numbers again. So they have to be verified again and this would take up to 21 working days again.
  3. Note: Advice your trainees that rampant changing of eZwich cards without any valid reason would only lead to longer payment processing times. And due to this rampant changes, we have blocked the eZwich Numbers field in the trainees portals.
  4. Those who have less than 9 digit numbers or more than 10 digit numbers which are clear invalid digits can however update their portals. All other legitimate changes should be reported via RCs for releases so they can update.
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  1. Once the validation for April 2020 is closed and payment processing begins, the system would be reopened to clear any outstanding for the months of January to April 2020 in the first week of May 2020.
  2. The system shall not be opened again for any Missed Payments for January to December 2019 until an audit, which includes some ongoing investigations are completed. And those affected in these investigations would have their payments affected even if validated and approved for payments for the months in 2020 until further decisions and directives are provided.


  1. I have not been paid since last year January 2020 up till now.reference number Nabcoeredg03336

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