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How To Download, Fill And Upload The NABCO Monthly Timesheet On Phone

Here is How To Download, Fill And Upload The NABCO Monthly Timesheet. This is to help educate NABCO trainees and serve as a guide on filling and uploading the NABCO time sheet.


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Table of Contents

About The NABCO Monthly Timesheet

Note that Some districts have customized their timesheet, making it unique with the district name, and the month you are to fill on it.

As such if your district is practicing this act,  you have to to always visit the district office to pick the timesheet.


How to Download the NABCO Time sheet

  1. To download the timesheet go to the NABCO website and then look for the menu for Media Centre.
  2. Click on it, and navigate to the resource sub-menu,
  3. you will see the timesheet section below the page.
  4. Then Click on the download and you are done.

Download the NABCO Monthly Timesheet

You can to directly download the NABCO time sheet with the link below

  1. Download the NABCO Monthly Timesheet
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How to fill the NABCO Monthly Time Sheet

  1. To fill the timesheet for a particular month, you have to start the filling from 22nd of the previous month to the 21st of the particular month.
  2. This is because NABCO trainees are always required to start submitting their timesheets on 21 of every month to the 25th.
  3. If you are submitting a timesheet for a said month, he or she will have to fill and stopp on the 21st of that month.
  4. Then the next month filling will start on the 22nd of last month to 21st of that month.
  5. As such from the date of submission of the current month’s timesheet to the date due for submission of the next month’s timesheet, one will have the 21/22 workings days in a month as expected.
  6. If you do not adhere to this filling of timesheet process, then your district coordinator might consider your timesheet as invalid hence, no validation and payment for that month.
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How To Upload NABCO Time Sheet On Phone

  1. To upload your NABCO time sheet to your NABCO portal, you have to scan it in pdf format.
  2. The recommended format for most online upload official documents is PDF.
  3. Download a scanning app on your smartphone from the playstore or AppStore and use it to scan the document.
  4. Then Save the time sheet as PDF
  5. Then login to your NABCO portal and scroll to the menus looking for the section where it indicated upload signed timesheet.
  6. Then select the month and click on choose file.
  7. Afterwards Navigate to the location where you saved the file to and click on it to upload.
  8. Finally click submit to finish up the uploading process.


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