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Note that the whatsapp group is currently muted to allow only administrators to post, until discussions. It will however be fully opened when the group is full.

The telegram group is however open for discussions.

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WE INTRODUCE TO YOU “National Service Scheme (NSS) Discussion Forum”

Everyone Is Welcome To Join This Group 🤩🤩🤩.

This Group Is For Discussion About The Entire Ghana National Service Scheme Procedures From Registration, To Getting Your Institution Of Choice, To Earning Your Monthly Allowance, To Receiving Your National Service Certificate. It will serve As A Platform For Discussion Among National Service Personnel Through The Entire National Service Year. The Following Are What The Group Does.


Check Out The All In One National Service Guide : >>>All In One National Service Guide<<<

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1. NSS Pin Codes And Registration Assistance

  • This group will provide you assistance on challenges you might be facing through the generation and activation of pin codes for the NSS registration.
  • Assistance on challenges you might face during the NSS registration process


2. Alert On NSS Postings And Assistance You Might Face With Your NSS Postings

  • This group will alert you as soon as the NSS Postings are released and give you assistance on how to go about your repostings if need be.


3. Posting To Preferred Institution

  • This group will give you assistance on free postings if you offered an education program and how to go about your paid posting if need be to avoid being scammed.


4. Alert And Assistance On The Biometric Registration Process

  • This group will alert you on the date and schedule for the NSS biometric registration and validation as well as how to go about your biometric registration without hustle.


5. How To Go About Your NSS Dashboard

  • This group will alert you on how to go about your national service dashboard such as updating your payment details (E zwitch) downloading and filling your monthly evaluation forms. etc


6. How To Request And Receive Your NSS Certificate At The Comfort Of Your Home

  • This group will also assist you on  How To Request And Receive Your NSS Certificate At The Comfort Of Your Home


7. A General Discussion Forum For All National Service Personnel

  • This group will serve as A General Discussion Forum For All National Service Personnel



You Are Not required To Make Payment Of Any Sort


This is not the first initiative of We have a Telegram Jobs and Teacher discussion group with over almost 4000 members, a Telegram Teacher Licensure group with almost 2000 members among several whatsapp groups with several thousands of members. No payment of any sort has been asked of anyone. You will not be asked to make payment in relation to any service provided by our admins. The only instance there might be payment would be those wanting a genuine source of paid posting of which we would link you to a third party. In this instance negotiations is between you and the third party, would have no dealing in any of such payment as well as liabilities that may result out of that.


You can as well join our facebook group for updates

Note that the aforementioned assistance will not take place in the Facebook group, however you can join for updates.



This is an initiative. We do not claim to be offering assistance on behalf of any institution unless stated otherwise.


Terms And Conditions Apply.


  1. I’ve tried joining both the WhatsApp and telegram groups but I’m told the link has been reset. Can I get the new link please?

  2. Please I did a mistake when filling the forms I suppose to thick (yes) because I,m working in a private sector but after the registration I check through and I saw (no) over there, so please we how can you help me change it to yes,,, I just filled the forms yesturday 26 July2022

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