New Zealand Government Scholarships

Universities New Zealand is working with all Scholarship Committees to determine how COVID-19 will affect each individual scholarship programme we administer. Some committees may offer to defer scholarship funding; others may be able to continue; while some may not make an award in the current selection round. These decisions are still pending.


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Our advice at this stage is to continue with your scholarship applications in the hope that—if you are successful in being awarded a scholarship—you will still be able to progress with your study plans. Please be aware, though, that some funders may withdraw financial support in these uncertain times.

Whether or not scholarship funding is available, your ability to continue with your study plans at an overseas institution will depend on Government decisions in both NZ and the country to which you want to travel. Further decisions will then be made by individual universities based on their unique situations.

As we know more about specific scholarship programmes, UNZ will update by email all applicants who have started or submitted an application for that scholarship.

Scholarships recognise academic excellence and potential and provide talented students with the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills.

A scholarship award allows students to take up new challenges and experiences which may not otherwise be available.

Universities NZ, through its Scholarships Committee, administers a wide range of scholarships at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, on behalf of charitable trusts, private donors, industry and other benefactors.


Scholarships managed by Universities NZ

Universities NZ manages a number of nationally contestable scholarship programmes.

Find undergraduate scholarships here (ie for school leavers and those who haven’t yet graduated).

Find postgraduate scholarships here.


Scholarship eligibility

Each scholarship has its own regulations which describe the eligibility criteria for applicants and the scope of the scholarship.

Intending applicants should check the regulations to confirm their eligibility and their understanding of the scholarship programme.


Scholarship applications

Universities NZ uses an online application system.

To apply for a scholarship applicants must be registered in this system and use the relevant online application form.


Closing dates

Each scholarship has its own closing date. These dates are managed by the system and cannot be altered.



If you need further information, please contact the Scholarships Team at Universities NZ:


New Zealand university scholarship opportunities

Each university also offers its own scholarship programmes:

Scholarships for Auckland

Scholarships for Auckland University of Technology

Scholarships for Waikato

Scholarships for Massey

Scholarships for Victoria

Scholarships for Canterbury

Scholarships for Lincoln

Scholarships for Otago

Undergraduate Scholarships


Other scholarships

Check other opportunities using Generosity NZ. You can search Generosity NZ at your local public library, some school libraries or through your university.

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  1. I wish to get a scholarship to study computer science in New Zealand but I don’t have any educational certificate. I have have is knowing how to read and write.

    I have had this dream for years now but I don’t know how. I’m now 31 and my dreams are dying slowly inside me. I don’t know who or where to turn to for help.

    I hope I will be given the chance to make this dream a reality and help others too in the future…for it’s always my wish to do so.

    Accra, Ghana ??

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