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Newly Posted Teachers With Staff IDs To Be Validated For Payment Of Salary: Full Details

Confirmed reports reaching us indicates that all newly trained teachers recruited and posted in 2019 who have been issued with Staff Identification Numbers (Staff ID’s) without undergoing the mandatory verification Exercise are to be validated to be paid their salaries in April . All validators have been duly notified by the Ghana Education (GES) to validate all such teachers on their staff.


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All such newly posted teachers who have been issued with their Staff Identification Numbers (Staff ID’s) are to be validated  with or without undergoing their biometric registrations.

In situations where the newly trained teachers have not been added to the PVs of their schools, such teachers are expected to be added to the PVs for validation should he or she have a Staff ID.

This comes after the biometric registrations were halted due to the lockdown initiated by Government to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. The newly posted teachers, posted in November 2019 had not been paid for 4 months since their appointment to post. The teachers have agitated for their salary arrears to be paid, as such this intervention has been very timely to ease the financial pressure on the teachers.

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  1. After all the suffering to do compulsory licensure examination and mandatory National Service, some are still suffering to get their staff Id’s before being paid..Lord have mercy on this batch.

    Please your help is really needed.

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