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NSS Appointment Letter

Do you have plans to join the NSS? If yes, then get to know that but before you think of joining, you need to have the NSS appointment letter. This NSS appointment letter refers to the single most important document that will be required at your point of entry into any institution.

Luckily for you, that is exactly what we are yet to discuss. Therefore, get your head ready and let’s get started.

Referring to the NSS appointment letter, it is one of the certifications issued to an NSS applicant as a formal authorization on his or her appointment for a particular service from NSS, Ghana.


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This document is that which will house every important information about applicants, the kind of service issued including the terms of the service as well as the time as well. Requirements that are to be fulfilled by the successful NSS applicant is also one of the details that can be contained by the NSS appointment letter.

As an applicant gets closer to serving with the NSS, he or she will also be required to provide the NSS appointment letter alongside other documents to be endorsed by the District NSS secretariat available in the region of posting. 

These other documents which must be included with the NSS appointment letter include the school or voters’ ID card, three passport pictures and an e-zwich card. Below are more details about this document that you need to know.


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Table of Contents

NSS Appointment Letter – Print Your NSS Appointment Letter

Follow the outlined below to obtain and print out your NSS appointment letter.

  • Visit the NSS Posting Portal via
  • Enter your NSS Number in the space provided and Click the Search button.
  • When your Posting details appear, scroll down and click Click here to Print Posting Letter.
  • Next, your Posting Letter Page will Popup, then Click Show Appointment Letter beneath your details
  • In the end, Download and Print your NSS Appointment Letter.


About The NSS Posting Appointment Letter

The NSS posting appointment letter is that which gives the precise details on the appointment of an applicant and the region where the applicant will be offering the service.

There are two phases that the NSS Posting Appointment letter would be rolled out in. This is very necessary to enable applicants that missed the first batch to be able to check on the posting appointment letter in the second batch.

This NSS posting appointment letter is accessible at the national service site ( To successfully get entry to your NSS website portal, you will be required to enter your NSS number in the NSS box and to post the information.

This letter gives out the place of posting as well as the requirements needed for the posting. This is in the favour of the appointee since it enables him or her to get acquainted to what is required of him when accepting the posting in addition to other relevant factors related to the NSS posting appointment letter.

As soon as the appointee has checked and confirmed his place of posting, the next required step is printing a minimum of three copies excluding the NSS appointment letter of these documents. Then, the appointee will have to submit these printouts to the regional offices within the posting region. Once the copies of the documents have been authorized, one of the copies will be sent to the District NSS Secretariat.

The NSS posting appointment letter will also be needed at the place of posting which will serve as the ascertaining authorization of the posting to the expected region.


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The NSS appointment letter

The NSS appointment letter is yet to be out. All likely NSS personnel will be required to log into the portal at posting ( to access and download their appointment letters.

To be able to have access to the NSS appointment letter, applicants will have to enter first, their NSS PIN into the space provided and then submit it. This NSS appointment letter, will be very important to applicants who registered the service in that year


NSS Ghana appointment letter

This appointment letter is not made by any human agent of the institution. Instead, it is made from a national announcement made on the NSS website. You will have to know that the appointment letters as well can only be issued by the NSS and not any other person whatsoever. In order to be very certain about getting served with this letter, it is advisable that you visit the NSS Website to obtain genuine appointment letters.

Be advised that the NSS appointment letter isn’t a service which requires the payment of ransomes to any agent. Applicants are therefore advised to alert authorities if they suspect any foul play including persons that may be directly or indirectly related to their access of the appointment letters.

Applicants are posted due to factors such as their suitability, geo location and others. Successful candidates are therefore required to login to the portal to access their NSS Ghana appointment letters, free of charge.

The appointees should not part with any amounts whatsoever in form of agency fees or the like for any service rendered to acquire the NSS Ghana appointment letter. Applicants are greatly encouraged to report any suspicious activity, acts or persons that may be directly or indirectly related to their access of the NSS Ghana appointment letter. Different applicants from various parts of the country that had applied for registration are slotted in different placements depending on a variety of factors such as their suitability, geo location and many others. The selected candidates are then required to login to the portal to access their NSS Ghana appointment letter which the NSS charges no fee.


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Printing Your NSS appointment letter

Applicants with pending applications are always called upon to go and view and confirm the validity of their applications once the NSS appointment letter has been released. This is just to ensure the authenticity of the forms filled by these applicants. It doesn’t necessarily mean that their posting is correct or acceptable. This will be soon available if NSS has updated and allowed printing to be done by if available to the public.

Once all names have been filled as required and the place of posting too has been given out, the NSS will make the appointment letters available for final printing. This can be accessed by using the “Get NSS Appointment Letter” button on the portal. After clicking the button, the next page will be your appointment letter.

Here on this page, the user will be exposed to commands such as the “Print” and “Save” commands. By using the Print command, you can actually print out your appointment letter. In the case where you would like to download it, you can use the “Save” command to do that. This is how you can print and download your appointment letter.

The NSS appointment letter is a PDF document. And you are free to seek help if you have any challenge downloading or printing it out.


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