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NSS Posting Portal

Here is the NSS Posting and How To Check Your NSS Posting for the current year. The NSS Posting contains the national service institution you are posted to as a graduate student from any accredited tertiary institution in Ghana who registered for the Recent NSS Registration. Prospective NSS personnel are required to undertake their their mandatory one-year national service at various institutions in all the sixteen (16) regions across the country.


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NSS Posting Portal

How To Check NSS Posting

Here is the guide to check How To Check Your NSS Posting:

Step 1: Visit the NSS Posting Portal

  • Start by visiting the You will be required to provide necessary identification details from this portal. Also, it is in your choice as to whether  you register, check your allowance, find your pin code or find your posting. Assuming you have registered, just get to the deployment section and resume from step two.

Step 2. Then Enter your NSS number

  • Your NSS number is the unique identification number that the system will generate for you. Enter your PIN into the space provided if it is available. The NSS number should be the 12-digit number that starts with NSS. These PINs get released every year for all graduates by the National Service Scheme. Every respective national service worker gets his and uses it to identify himself and ease certain proceedings the job may demand.
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Step 3: Afterwards Click on the “submit” button

  • As soon as you enter your NSS number, just click “Submit” and then you will be redirected to your NSS posting. During the application you might come across NSS number and NSS PIN. They simply mean the same and can be used vice versa. To be successful in your enrolment, you must make sure you do so within the given time. The National Service Scheme is inflexible when it comes to ‘deadlines’. Therefore in order not to lose your space, comply with the stipulated timelines it gives.

Step 4: Click on “Show Posting Letter”

  • This step is just to view your posting letter. It is one of the necessary documents which will be required on admission into any institution you would be serving. View it to confirm all the details you have provided. Also, give out your maximum attention to your personal data.

Step 5: Print out copies of your posting information and letter

  • As most graduates prefer submitting their credentials online, the National Service Scheme still requires that these documents be printed and submitted to the Regional Director in the area of posting. The Regional Director is to sign up your documents. Moreover, due to personal reference sake, you should make extra copies of the posting letter and the posting information. In order to provide a backup. The number of copies you should print is two copies of each document. These two copies are each for the regional offices and the institution you will be serving for during your 12-month NSS engagement.
  • If the institution you’ve been posted receives your letter of appointment and assumption of duty, a copy will be submitted to the regional director. The copies will be filed in your name for future reference as it might be needed to prove your service with the NSS.
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About The NSS Posting

  • Checking NSS Posting is a very vital procedure you must adhere to obtain the NSS posting details with much less difficulties. All you need is your NSS PIN  and an internet connection to acquire your NSS posting details. The NSS program leads to acquiring very important work experience. These skills are the stepping stones needed in the job hunt. And they can be rarely available in the classrooms.
  • You become certain that you’ve got a place to master your technical know-how and work ethics that most employers expect in job applicants.
  • It is also a give-back-to-society initiative. This, therefore, means that every Ghanaian who graduates has to fulfill their mandate to serve the community before even getting a well-paying job. There is no excuse for a well-meaning patriot who doesn’t serve his/her community. The government of Ghana invests so much in the education system to bring out the best of its youth. So it is only fair that these graduates give back to better the lives of other citizens.
  • The National Service Scheme is beneficial for all graduates. It does not matter whether you want to seek employment or to create your own business. While those seeking employment better their resumes through the engaging, those who want to venture into their business can gain the necessary knowledge and networks to begin in their various fields. It is through the NSS program that they can find mentors and develop the right mindset for the business world.


Why You Need NSS Posting As A Graduate

  • All graduates need proficiency in order to suit in the Ghanaian job market. Normally, classroom do not entirely furnish graduates with the technical know-how that employers seek in job applicants. It is mostly via the NSS Ghana postings that graduates get introduced to firms where they are provided with the needed societal effects which improves their own occupation maturation.
  • Another beneficial reason for NSS posting in Ghana is that graduates get acquainted with the exact exposure they would need to boost their occupational objectives to a higher advantageous peak. As it is not just about “who they know” but also about “who they are becoming”, the prompt connection the graduates start to have with people who will make differences in their profession, the easier it is to excel in what they do and become what they ought to.
  • Graduates that know the benefits that of nurturing strong connections mostly  get engrossed in honorable institutions from where they served in the NSS program. Importance of the NSS posting program can’t be underrated to a Ghanaian graduate. This program equips the graduate with the right persona and grooves as well as grooms one’s mind to well suit the job market. Also, it gathers up a passion of obligation in one’s nation and, above all, equips one with the necessary technical know-how to steer daily workplace confrontations.


Why Checking NSS Posting Details Is Very Important:

  • Mostly, graduates see wait till the eleventh hour to present themselves at the institutions they are posted to. This easily relays bad character on behalf of the graduate to the institution. Through NSS Ghana postings checking, your posted-to institutions is known quite early which grants the graduate ample time to go through the dos and don’ts of the institution. This information aids the graduate to effortlessly fit into the institution and also be of great advantage to the institution.
  • With all the information the graduate gathers about the institution, it creates a suitable and confident environment which helps the graduate to operate without fear leading to his or her maximum give out.
  • The graduate can download the NSS Ghana posting letter earlier. This will aid in the distribution of the letters to expected authorities for endorsement in good time. Being fully prepared starts with the right information in the hands of the right people. Assuming the graduate is in a last minute rush. He or she will be denied the opportunity to work it out in the required manner.

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  1. Please sir I do not know why I am not posted yet and I want to the office too.

  2. Please sir my posting is still on hold failed authentication. I have went to the office with all my items they ask me for. But still I can’t check where I was posted to please help me out what should I do now. Please this is my No GPR3074121

  3. Please my posting is still on hold I have want to the office with all the items they asked for but still I can not chuck where I was posted to please help me out what should I do now

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