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NTC Licensure Exams Begins : A Look At What Has Transpired So Far

Here is a detailed overview of what has transpired so far for the third edition of the NTC licensure exams 2019 this September 2019. We take a detailed look at eligibility – who really qualifies to take the exam. The question of who is really qualified to take the exam had been in doubt since the major challenges of  people not being able to register for not being eligible. We also take a look at fees paid, registration procedures, exams date, venue, papers being written, registration problems among other things that has occurred so far considering the September edition of the NTC licensure exams.

Essential Professional Skills has been written today 24th September 2019. Although most candidates were in high expectation of leakages prior to the paper, they were disappointed as there was no leakages as far as the Essential Professional Skills paper is concerned. The NTC are really doing a good job of giving the NTC licensure exams the reputation it deserves. After the unprecedented leakages that characterised the maiden edition of the NTC licensure exams, the NTC did a every good job to prevent any form of leakage during the March 2019 edition of the exams.


Same is likely to be replicated with the September 2019 edition of the exams, however it is too early to tell as only one paper has been written so far.


The Essential Professional Skills paper has received mixed reactions after the paper. Whiles some say it was easy , others say it was difficult with only 5 past questions dropping out of the 60 questions. With the mixed reactions we can only assume it was moderate. Avenugh wishes all candidates the very best of luck in the rest of the exams.


Changes In Venue

Accra College of Education Centre


Accra college of education among other colleges such as Kibi college of education in the eastern region exceeded their intake. Over 2000 candidates chose Accra College of Education as their examination center during the registration period. As such candidates who chose Accra college of education Center has been divided into two:

The first 900 candidates who chose Accra college of education starting from index number 0001 to 0900 will take the exam at the Accra college of education Centre whiles the remaining candidates starting from index number 0901 onward will take the examination at the University of Cape Coast Distance Education Centre (UCC Centre) located at Papafio, near Ashaley Botwei – East Legon.




Eligibility for the Licensure Examination – September, 2019


The question of who is really qualified to take the exam had been in doubt since the major challenges of people not being able to register for not being eligible. After spending GHC 220 to buy the voucher, scores of people where unable to register after login. The response from the system after they enter their index number is that their index numbers were not in the system and such the system did not allow them to proceed with the registration. This led to many people thinking the NTC licensure exams is for only college of education graduates. But that notion is false. Lets take a detailed look at who really qualifies to register and take the NTC licensure exams.




LICENSURE EXAMINATION Eligibility According To The NTC


The National Teaching Council is mandated by the Education Act 2008 (Act 778), section 9 to improve professional standing and status of teachers and to license and register teachers in Ghana.

The purpose of the licensure examination is to enable qualified teachers to acquire a professional license, and also attract excellent young graduates from the Universities and Colleges of Education who have the required professional knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to deliver effectively in schools.

Eligibility for Licensure Examination

  1. All teachers who hold the Diploma in Basic Education (DBE), Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) or a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PDGE) and are desirous of seeking employment with the Ghana Education Service but could not register for the maiden Licensure Examination in September 2018 are required to apply to write the examination.
  2. All teachers who wrote the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination in 2018 and/or March 2019 but failed in one, two or all three papers are expected to register to re-sit the paper/papers in which they failed.
  3. All the above-mentioned candidates who completed in 2019 or before 2019 qualify to write the examination at a College of Education of their choice.
  4. Teachers already teaching prior to the starting of the licensure examination in September 2018, both in public and private schools, would not be required to write the examination but would undertake a number of in-service professional training program to upgrade themselves to enable them to obtain the license. This process is yet to be done.



NTC Licensure Exams Eligibility In Simple Terms


To simplify everything the NTC licensure exams is for those who have completed colleges of education or those who read Education in the various universities and colleges who seek to be employed by the Ghana Education Service (GES). This simply refers to all graduates who offered accredited education programmes  of any sort such as Diploma in education, Bachelor of education (B.ed) in various subjects (Mostly offered by UCC), Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Education  in various subjects (Mostly offered by UEW), Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Education  in various subjects (Mostly offered by UEW) etc. Basically any accredited and recognized education related programme from any accredited and recognized  tertiary institution.


Note that the current GES policy is that all teachers and prospective teachers who seek to be employed by the GES would be required to write the licensure examination as directed by the NTC.





Registration Fees For The NTC Licensure Exams – September, 2019


Registration fees payed for the September 2019 edition of the licensure exams are as stated below.


  1. Fresh candidates are required to pay GHȻ 220.00 to register for the examination.
  2. Candidates who are re-sitting are to pay GHȻ100.00 for one (1) Re-sit paper.
  3. Candidates who are re-sitting all two (2) papers are to pay GHȻ200.00.
  4. Candidates who are re-sitting all three (3) papers are to pay GHȻ 220.00




Payment Procedures For The NTC Licensure Examination – September, 2019


Payment were made at branches of GCB Bank LTD nationwide. Candidates were to notify the Bank whether they were fresh students, re-sitting one, two or three papers.

Candidates were then given a registration voucher containing a Pin and Serial Number by the GCB Bank
Ltd after payment.




Registration Procedures For the NTC Licensure Examination – September, 2019


Registration Procedures As Stated By The NTC


Prospective candidates were to apply as follows:

  1. Fresh candidates were required to pay GHȻ220.00 to register for the examination
  2. Candidates who were re-sitting are to pay GHȻ100.00 for one (1) Re-sit paper
  3. All candidates must pay to any GCB Bank Ltd Branch nationwide
  4. Take PIN and Serial Number from GCB Bank Ltd.
  5. Log onto
  6. Click on Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) link
  7. Enter your e-voucher Serial No. and Pin
  8. Fill in all the fields and remember to upload your Passport-size photograph
  9. Review the information provided and submit
  10. Print summary of the inputs made.


Candidates were to keep their PIN and SERIAL NUMBERS secure after registration for the licensure examination for further use after the examination.



Detailed NTC Licensure Registration Procedures


Here is an overview of the steps involved. For complete detail read This Article.


  1. Go to any GCB bank and purchase an NTC licensure exams voucher
  2. As of the 2019 year group the price was GHC 220. Upon payment, your name, your index number from the institution you attended ( college or university) and ID card would be requested. A voucher payment receipt would be printed for you. This contains details including your Serial Number and PIN with which you would use to register for the exam. Then proceed to register for the NTC Ghana Teacher Licensure exams.
  3. Those re-sitting are expected to pay GHC220 for three papers or GHC100 for a paper.
  4. To start the registration go to and click on “Examination Registration” button. or just go to 
  5. Then enter the Serial Number and PIN on the voucher payment receipt given to you at the bank to login.
  6. After loging in, you would be required to choose exams center.
  7. After choosing a region, The registration portal opens. On this page you enter your personal details such as Name, Contact, Address, Qualification, school name, program of study, class obtained and upload your profile picture. Then click submit
  8. After submitting the form, a print out page containing your exam details and a provisional time table would show. Remember to print the page. You would take this to the exam center during the exam.




Closing Date Of The Registration For the NTC Licensure Examination – September, 2019


The initial deadline for the September 2019 edition of the exams  was supposed to be 14th September 2019,  however the registration was extended twice. Initially from 14th to 16th September 2019 then from 16th to 17th September 2019. The initial deadline was stated this way by the NTC.


Completed application forms should be received online not later than 14th September 2019

NB: There will be no extension in time for registration beyond the 14th September, 2019 deadline.



Examination Date For the NTC Licensure Examination – September, 2019


The examination date for the September 2019 edition of the NTC Licensure Exams is set for
24th , 25th and 26th September 2019.



Venue For The Exams


All newly-trained Diploma Teachers from the Colleges of Education who successfully completed in 2019 were to take part in this examination in their respective colleges (including Holy Spirit – Ho, St. Ambrose – Dormaa Akwamu, Methodist-Oda, Limelighter-Bia, St. Vincent – Yendi, Al Farouk – Wenchi and McCoy – Nadowli Colleges of Education).

While all others who completed before 2019 were to choose any college of education of choice, from list of centers presented to them during the online registration.




Papers To Be Written To Aquire The License


Three papers namely  Essential Professional Skills, Literacy and Numeracy are to be taken by the directions of the national teaching council.

A candidate is required to pass all three papers to  acquire the teaching license. Should a candidate fail any paper, the candidate will not receive his or her teaching license until the candidate has resit and passed the paper in question.




Time Table For The Exams

Here is a timetable for the September 2019 edition of the NTC licensure exams.


Day /DateTime

9:00am – 11:00am

24th September, 2019Essential Professional Skills
25th September, 2019Litercy
26th September, 20191Numeracy




NTC September 2019 Timetable





Registration Problems


Registration for the third edition  of the NTC licensure exams was plagued with challenges like never before. After paying GHC 220, one would expect a smooth registration as the previous two editions but no. This years registration process nearly resulted in people loosing a sum of GHC 220 as they were unable to do the registration. The registration deadline therefore had to be extended twice to resolve such issues.



Registration Extension Of The NTC Licensure Exams September 2019


The NTC had to extend the deadline of the 2019 NTC licensure exams which was scheduled to end on 14th September 2019 twice. The first extension was from the supposed 14th September 2019 to 16th September 2019. The second extension was from the supposed 16th September 2019 to 17th September 2019. After these several deadline extensions, most problems were however not resolved.


In a release by the head of public relations for the National Teaching Council, Dennis Osei Owusu, dated 13th September 2019 , the NTC extended the deadline for the registration with this statement.


“The National Teaching Council has taken cognisance of the challenges some candidates are encountering for the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) ”

The NTC in consultation with Stakeholders especially PrinCof and TTAG, has extended the deadline for GTLE registration from 14th to 16th  September, 2019 to enable candidates who have purchased the voucher already to register”


After the extensions, candidates who bought the voucher and exhausted its use (Could be used only five times) where given additional three tries.


Resolution Of The Registration Challenges


All NTC Licensure Exams candidates who bought vouchers but could not register were to go to their chosen centers to write the examination.


The NTC assured the Candidates that their details will be captured on the supplementary sheet.The NTC further indicated that Candidates must not forget to take along their voucher to the examination Centre. The statement read.







Reasons For The Numerous Challenges


Unlike the first and second edition of the NTC licensure exams which took place on September 2018 and March 2019 respectively, the registration for the third edition of the NTC licensure exams set for September 2019 was entirely different.



1. Verification During The Registration:


The third edition of the NCT licensure exams made use of a verification system where the index number and other details of a registering candidates were to be verified with details provided by the institution attended by the candidate. This was not the case with the first and second edition of the licensure exams. This was a measure to prevent candidates who did not offer educational programs from registering.


For some reason details of qualified candidates where not in the system.  The NTC seemed to be targeting immediate past graduates and those due for graduation (2018, 2019) where as their mandate is to satisfy everybody who offered an education program and seeks employment with the Ghana education service (GES). They seem not to have requested for details of those who graduated long ago or such institutions did not present details of their graduates who completed long ago. Which ever it is, the details of people who completed somewhere three years ago downwards were not in the system when it started in addition to details of graduates from certain  schools not being added to the system.




2. Limitation On Use Of  The NTC Registration Vouchers


The NTC licensure exams registration could only be used 5 times unlike the first and second edition of the licensure exams. The voucher which used to have unlimited usage is now restricted to five times. A voucher of GHC 220 was restricted to only five logins.



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