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NTC Licensure Exams Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) And Answers

Here are detailed NTC Licensure Exams Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) And Answers compiled since the inception of the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examinations (GTLE). It covers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) And Answers for the first edition (NTC Licensure Exams September 2018), second edition (NTC Licensure Exams March 2019), third edition (NTC Licensure Exams September 2019) and fourth edition (NTC Licensure Exams March 2020) of the NTC Licensure Exams. This NTC Licensure Exams Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) And Answers are frequently updated to solve all challenges you might be facing in the entire process of the NTC licensure exams, From registration, to results checking to certificate request.


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Table of Contents

Eligibility: Do I Qualify For The NTC Licensure Exams?


Eligibility for Licensure Examination

  1. All teachers who hold the Diploma in Basic Education (DBE), Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) or a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PDGE) and are desirous of seeking employment with the Ghana Education Service but could not register for the maiden Licensure Examination in September 2018 are required to apply to write the examination.
  2. All teachers who wrote the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination in 2018 and/or March 2019 but failed in one, two or all three papers are expected to register to re-sit the paper/papers in which they failed.
  3. All the above-mentioned candidates who completed in 2019 or before 2019 qualify to write the examination at a College of Education of their choice.
  4. Teachers already teaching prior to the starting of the licensure examination in September 2018, both in public and private schools, would not be required to write the examination but would undertake a number of in-service professional training program to upgrade themselves to enable them to obtain the license. This process is yet to be done.


To simplify everything the NTC licensure exams is for those who have completed colleges of education or those who read Education in the various universities and colleges who seek to be employed by the Ghana Education Service (GES). This simply refers to all graduates who offered accredited education programmes  of any sort such as Diploma in education, Bachelor of education (B.ed) in various subjects (Mostly offered by UCC), Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Education  in various subjects (Mostly offered by UEW), Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Education  in various subjects (Mostly offered by UEW) etc. Basically any accredited and recognized education related programme from any accredited and recognized  tertiary institution.


Note that the current GES policy is that all teachers and prospective teachers who seek to be employed by the GES would be required to write the licensure examination as directed by the NTC.




Registration Fees : How Much Is The NTC Licensure Exams Registration?


Registration fees payed for the September 2019 edition of the licensure exams are as stated below.


  1. Fresh candidates are required to pay GHȻ 220.00 to register for the examination.
  2. Candidates who are re-sitting are to pay GHȻ100.00 for one (1) Re-sit paper.
  3. Candidates who are re-sitting all two (2) papers are to pay GHȻ200.00.
  4. Candidates who are re-sitting all three (3) papers are to pay GHȻ 220.00




Payment Procedures : Where To Pay For The NTC Registration Forms ( Vouchers ) ?


Payment are made at branches of GCB Bank LTD nationwide. Candidates are to notify the Bank whether they were fresh students, re-sitting one, two or three papers.

Candidates are then given a registration voucher containing a Pin and Serial Number by the GCB Bank
Ltd after payment.



Registration Procedures: How To Register For The  NTC Licensure Exams ?


Here is a complete NTC Licensure exams registration procedures : NTC Licensure exams registration procedures.



When Is The Deadline For The Registration For the NTC Licensure Examination ? 


Closing date for registration for the March 2020 Edition of the NTC Licensure exams will be 23rd March 2020.



When Is The Registration Date For The NTC Licensure Examination ?


Registration for the March 2020 Edition of the NTC Licensure exams will begin 17th March 2020


When Is The Examination Date For The NTC Licensure Examination ?


Examination Date for the March 2020 Edition of the NTC Licensure exams will begin 25th and 26th March 2020


Where Is The Venue For The NTC Licensure Examination ?


Venue for the exams will be colleges of education across the country or WAEC centers across the nationwide.


How Many Exam Papers To Be Written To Acquire The NTC License ?


Three papers namely  Essential Professional Skills, Literacy and Numeracy are to be taken by the directions of the national teaching council.

A candidate is required to pass all three papers to  acquire the teaching license. Should a candidate fail any paper, the candidate will not receive his or her teaching license until the candidate has resit and passed the paper in question.


What Is The Duration And Time Table For The NTC Exams ?


The average duration of each paper is approximately an hour. Here is a timetable for the 2019 edition of the NTC licensure exams.


Day /DateTime

9:00am – 11:00am

Essential Professional Skills



NTC Results Checking Procedures: How To Check Results For The  NTC Licensure ?


Here is a complete NTC Licensure exams results checking procedures : NTC Licensure Exams Results Checking Procedures.



NTC Exams Registration And Results Checking  Issues : Reasons Why You Cannot Access NTC Exams Results Or Register ?


Here is complete solution to NTC Exams Registration And Results Checking  Issues : Solution To NTC Exams Registration And Results Checking  Issues.



NTC Certificate Request Procedures: How To Access NTC Licensure Certificate ?


Here is a complete NTC Licensure Exams Certificate Request Procedures :   NTC Licensure Exams Certificate Request Procedures.


NTC Licence Exams Certificate Issues : Why You Cant Access Your NTC Certificate ?


Here is a complete solution to  NTC Licensure Exams Certificate Issues : Solution To  NTC Licensure Exams Certificate Issues.



Personal NTC Exams Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) And Answers


1. I did not offer any educational programme, can I write the NTC Licensure Exams?


No you cant. If you do not have any Educational Qualifications you are not qualified to take the examination.


2. I have finished my educational programme and am about to do my graduation to get my certificate, can I register for Licensure Exam in this setting?


If you have successfully completed your programme of study and it’s only left with the graduation ceremony, then you can register for the Licensure Exams in this setting. You can apply only if you have passed all required courses for graduation and thus have no re-sit.


1. I failed in one or two paper(s) in my first Teachers’ Licensure exams, how can I rewrite it?


The cost of re-sit per paper is GHs 100. Thus, for 1 re-sit you pay GHs100 and for 2 re-sits you pay GHs200. For 3 re-sits you will the amount GHs220.

2. Where can I get the NTC Registration Forms (e-Voucher) to buy?


You can get it at any branch of Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) in the country.


3. I chose a region as my examination center during my registration but where exactly is the exams taking place?


The exams would be held at colleges of education nationwide or the Regional WAEC Exams Centers nationwide


4. Can I change my Exams center after registration?


The exams centre cannot be changed after the applicant completes the application form, so please make sure you select the region you want to write at


6. Can I check my results using my smartphone?


Yes! Check your results on your smart phone using this Guide : NTC Licensure Exams Results Checking Procedures.


7. I want to check my result but I have forgotten my serial and pin, is there any other alternative?


Yes! you can use your email and phone number or a combination of your NTC exams ID and your phone number you used during the application to access the result. Check detailed procedures here:  NTC Licensure Exams Results Checking Procedures.


8. What about if I don’t remember any of the details of the exam (serial, pin, exams ID), how can I check my results?


Search for “NTC Support” on facebook and chat them about your problem


9. What do I need before I can register for my re-sit paper(s)?


You need YOUR PREVIOUS NTC EXAMS ID (NTC/GTLE/… this can be found results slip) and the new Serial NUMBER & PIN you buy from the GCB bank.


10. What do I need To register for NTC Licensure Exams?


You need to purchase Registration Vouchers (Serial NUMBER & PIN) from GCB bank, and and a scaned copy of your passport sized picture.


11. Do I Need My School’s Certificate For Registration


You dont need your schools certificate for registration.


12. Can I do a new registration using my smartphone?


It is advisable to use a PC for registration in order not to run into problems.


13. What is the cost of NEW REGISTRATION’S e-Voucher?


The cost is GHs220.00.



If you have any additional questions, enquiries or contributions, Let us know in the comments section.


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