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NTC Licensure Exams Pass List Results Download

The National Teaching council officially releases the pass list of All Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) who took part in the 2018 Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) or re-sat in 2019. All Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) are to check their names in the confirmed list sent to GES for processing to be used for the final list of GES postings. Confirmation of results is still ongoing, will update the list as soon as it is updated by the national teaching council.


Prior to misinformation that candidates awaiting their results were to come to the NTC office to confirm their results to be sent to the Ghana Education Service (GES), Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) are advised not to come to the NTC office. View and Download the official list of  NTC Licensure Exams Pass List 2019 below. You can as well visit .


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NTC Licensure Exams Pass List Results 2019 Download


Click the links below to download the NTC pass lists 2019 sent to GES for processing to be used for the final list of GES postings.


  1. GTLE Pass List for 2018 College of Education Graduates
  2. GTLE Pass List for 2017 College of Education Graduates
  3. GTLE Pass List for 2018 College of Education Re-sitters
  4. GTLE Supplementary Pass List
  5. Supplementary Pass List as of 15th December 2019. Click Here!





Reasons Your Name Is Not In The NTC Licensure Exams List And What To Do


Note that the pass list released is for college of education graduates, as such if you are an eligible university graduate, you would still not find your name in the list as at now.  If you are a college of education graduate and still  cannot find your name in the  NTC Licensure Exams Pass List 2019, it simply means you have issues with confirmation of your results by your tertiary institution attended. The NTC verifies if you really met the requirements to receive a licence before your NTC results and NTC certificate are released, otherwise your results are withheld until there is proof you met all requirements. Things that may prevent your name from being published in the pass list include;



Having issues with your college results such as resit and incomplete (IC) grades:


Prior to the September 2019 edition of the exams, these checks were not  made before the registration. So you could still partake in the exams but when such issues are detected during confirmation of results, your name will not be in the pass list. You might have sat for your resit and passed alright but your name might not have been updated before forwarding the list to the NTC.


To rectify this first go to the NTC head office at Accra to find out what exactly is the problem and take the required action.



You Failed Your NTC Licensure Exams


Another reason why your name might not be in the pass list 2019 is because you have failed the yet to be released results. Yes its obvious if you fail the licensure exams your name will not be in the pass list.


In this case you have to wait for the official NTC results to be released to know whether you really failed the exams. If thats the case then you will have to resit the exams during the March 2020 edition of the exams.



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  1. Please I forgot my index number. Any assistance. I was part of the first batch to write in 2018. Unfortunately, I’m a university graduate so my name is not part of list published since it was done for only the colleges of education. Will be very glad to be assisted because I need to complete the processes in creating a portal. Thank you

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