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NTC Licensure Exams Registration Scheduled

The third edition of the national teaching council teacher licensure exams registration is finally set for September.


The first batch (second edition of the ntc licensure exams) of the year group begun registration around 17th march and took the exams on 25th  and 26th march . The much anticipated third edition of the ntc licensure exams which was expected to begin registration in august just as it was done last year, left prospective candidates in despair concerning the registration date.


Many prospective candidates had to be trooping in to GCB banks to check whether vouchers were ready amidst all the speculation. These resulted in many unpleasant altercation between prospective candidates and bank tellers who could not stand the constant trooping in of prospective candidates to make enquiries. One would ask whether its the work of bank tellers to disburse such information or the national teaching council.



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One would expect a government institution of such caliber to exhibit some “professionalism” or at least some consistency but hey this is Ghana.

Prospective candidates have been left in total despair to cling on to rumors and speculations instead of the national teaching council to just post the exact date on their website. They rather came out to debunk speculations in a letter. There is certainly more to be desired from our state institutions for their total lack of respect for those they are to serve. This behavior cuts across tertiary institutions and Ghanaian businesses as well.

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Well a more reliable speculation is that the third edition of the ntc licensure exams is set for 2nd September or at least first week in September. I choose to call it speculation because it has not been confirmed by the national teaching council but this is more reliable. I will explain why. As i have followed the development keenly.

Reasons For the Unusual Delay Of The NTC Licensure Exams

The delay which the national teaching council has failed to communicate to prospective candidates is this. It is due to delay in the release of results of final year college of education students by the university of cape coast. Since the exams is for graduates or those due for graduation or inorder words completed their academic work successfully. The national teaching council requires the results of the final year college of education students to be released to determine those who have successfully passed and therefore eligible for the ntc licensure exams. Note that those who fail their final year college of education exams are not elligible to partake in the ntc licensure exams.



Confirmation Of 2nd September As NTC licensure Exams Registration Date

The speculated 2nd September or at least first week in September is most likely to be true due to these communique sited by from the Colleges Of Education Weekly Journal and the Teacher Trainees Association Of Ghana (TTAG) National Secretariat respectively.

According to the Colleges Of Education Weekly Journal:


The institute of education- university of cape coast is expected to release results of continuing students in level 100 and 200 from the 46 public colleges of education by the close of the week which ends on 31st august .

Members of the national conference of principals of colleges of education from the 46 public colleges of education are expected to have a professional board meeting with officials from the institute of education  and other relevant stake holders to deliberate on the results before it is published for the students in their respective colleges.


NTC Licensure Exams Registration Colleges Of Education Weekly Journal


This would allow the national teaching council know college of education students who are eligible for the exams and successfully commence the registration of the ntc licensure exams .


The communique by the Teacher Trainees Association Of Ghana (TTAG) National Secretariat also stated :


The national teaching council shall from 2nd september open its portal for registration of newly trained teachers for licnsure exams. The registration fee remains unchanged as at last year (GHC 220.00). Newly trained teachers are also notified that if nothing obstructs the processes, license exams shall commence on 24th to 26th september .


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NTC Licensure Exams Registration Teacher Trainees Association Of Ghana (TTAG) National Secretariat


The above communique is supposed to be the work of the national teaching council  but the Teacher Trainees Association Of Ghana (TTAG) National Secretariat seems to be doing that for them.




Eligibility For The NTC Licensure Exams

If you should visit the ntc website the first page that greets you talks of these:



The National Teaching Council is mandated by the Education Act 2008 (Act 778), section 9 to improve professional standing and status of teachers and to license and register teachers in Ghana.

The purpose of the licensure examination is to enable qualified teachers to acquire a professional license, and also attract excellent young graduates from the Universities and Colleges of Education who have the required professional knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to deliver effectively in schools.

Eligibility for Licensure Examination 

  1. All teachers who hold the Diploma in Basic Education (DBE), Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) or a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PDGE) and are desirous of seeking employment with the Ghana Education Service but could not register for the maiden Licensure Examination in September 2018 are required to apply to write the examination.
  2. All teachers who wrote the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination in 2018 but failed in one, two or all three papers are expected to register to re-sit the paper/papers in which they failed.


  1. Please I am a service personal who offered diploma in basic education at university of cape coast….and I have never taught before?can I also write NTC exams

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