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NTC Licensure Exams Results To Be Released Next Week; Results Statistics

In a post sited by avenuegh purported to be summary of an NTC Stakeholders Engagement meeting concerning the September 2019 Ghana Teacher Licensure Exams (GTLE) results, reveals the results statistics of the just ended September 2019 Ghana Teacher Licensure Exams (GTLE). It goes on to state that the NTC results for September 2019 batch is to be released next week. It also states that the NTC is considering excusing early childhood and french students from writing NUMERACY among other recommendations.The communique reads as follows:


I bring you warm greetings this evening and extends once again to you Christmas fecilitations. As I pre informed you yesterday, I in company of the SRC president of AcCE represented our noble association on the direction of the president for the NTC stakeholders engagement Mensvic hotel in Accra.



The purpose of the engagement was to look into the performance of students in the exams thus weaknesses and strength. Again, it was to deliberate on possible suggestions and recommendations to NTC for the way forward.


In attendance were all principals from the 46 colleges, representation of teacher training universities, MoE, board members of NTC, etc.The program started at exactly 11:am. We were taken through the bases on which they scored candidates and how candidates answered them.


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NTC Licensure Exams Results Statistics

In the presentation, NTC expressed disappointment as to why college and University graduates can’t answer basic arithmetic and grammatical questions. We were made to understand that 78.% of the candidates passed while 22% failed.

A breakdown was given in this direction:



ONLINE. 80: 20
REGULAR 90: 10

With CoE candidates, 89 passed while 11 failed.


Recommendations On NTC Licensure Exams Results Statistics

  1. NTC should collaborate with college authorities to institute remedial programs for candidates who fail to redeem themselves .
  2. The teacher standards from ttel should be made a course of study in colleges since most questions come from that area.
  3. NTC should intensify on the education about the exams.
  4. Pass list from training institutions should always get to NTC in time.


The Way Forward Concerning The NTC Licensure Exams Results Statistics

  1. NTC is considering excusing early childhood and french students from writing NUMERACY
  2. The exams in training institutions would no longer be conducted in classrooms but big halls only.
  3. NTC is in the process of computerizing the exams such that you will sit for the exams with a computer by colleges ICT labs.

In conclusion the results is due for release next week.


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