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NTC Portfolio Assessment Guidelines

Below are the NTC Portfolio Assessment Guidelines & procedures for service teachers to build CPD points & portfolios

This article also contains the official NTC Portfolio Guidelines for in-service teachers to build their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.

Th Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points are requirement for promotion in the Ghana Education Service (GES).


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About NTC Teaching Portfolio

Teachers, students and administrators benefit from portfolio building to Keep a record of a teacher’s accomplishments. To Focus attention on teaching and recognize its importance. To Stimulate discussion about teaching and pedagogy. To encourage the “scholarship of teaching” as teachers begin to engage in classroom research. To Encourage teachers to develop and present better evidence of the quality of teaching, To Provide a better assessment tool for those who hire, promote and evaluate teachers as well as to Give the teacher some control over the process as a
compiler and an editor.

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Overview Of Teacher Licensing Process for In Service Teachers

1.Be licensed
2.Build CPD points and Portfolio
3.Renewal fee


How To Prepare NTC Teaching Portfolio


NTC Portfolio Assessment Form, Arears & Scope


NTC Portfolio Assessment Results, Sample & Marking Scheme


NTC Portfolio Assessment Date & Requirements


How is teaching portfolio developed?

To develop an effective teaching portfolio, you need to do the following:
• First Clarify your teaching responsibilities.
• Then Reflect on your teaching goals, philosophy and style. Consider using the three domains
• Afterwards Organize the content to support your purpose and the evaluators’ guidelines or needs.
• Then Write your statement of philosophy.
• Then  Gather your evidence.
• Then Select and add your best evidence, connecting it to your statement of philosophy. You want to provide enough evidence to support your claim of excellent work done.
• Afterwards Show your draft of the content to a colleague or instructional developer to solicit for ways of improvement.
• Finally Submit your portfolio to your assigned assessor and upload the same on the teachers’
portal for assessment/ validation.

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NTC Portfolio Assessment Guidelines


  1. Primary and JHS Teachers must attend both supply (minimum of 27 ) and demand driven CPD activities.
  2. You must also embark on self-initiative activities such as writing of a book chapter, conducting action research, attending conference marking etc. The details are in the CPD framework on the NTC website (


  1. You show evidence of professionalism in your practice. This evidence can be in hard copies such as pictures and write-ups or electronic versions such as videos or attached files, the Teacher Training Log book can also serve as evidence. Details of portfolio content is found on pages 34-35 of NTS and in the portfolio guidelines uploaded on NTC website


  • All in-service teachers will be issued with a professional license without sitting for an examination.
  • The NTC license will be renewed every three years on condition that the teacher has:
  1. lived within the confines of the code of ethics and professional standards.
  2. met the required CPD points at the current rank within the 3year TCPD cycle
  3. passed the portfolio assessment


You must present a documented evidence of teaching responsibilities, philosophy, goals and accomplishments of a teacher.
• A personal record drawn up and compiled by the teacher based on defined institutional guidelines.
• A structured means of reflection on one’s work, a process of self-evaluation and goal setting.
• An approach to teaching enhancement whereby a teacher can gauge successes, opportunities for improvement, and means for his/her fulfilment.
• In short, creating a portfolio involves reflection, collection, selection, and connection.

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NTC Portfolio Requirements

You must present the following as requirements for the NTC Portfolio

  1. A Teaching Philosophy
  2. A Scheme of Learning
  3. Your Learning Plan (Lesson Plan)
  4. A Report from Head of institution confirming that you taught for not
    less than 10 hours in a term (90 hours) for TCPD cycle
  5. A Reflective log/journal
  6. Your Teacher Training Logbook
  7. An Action research conducted by you
  8. A Write up on assessment methods used with justification
  9. Your Copies of learners activities
  10. Your Photos / videos on lessons
  11. Your Reports on co-curricular activities

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