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NTC Reopens Portal For Checking Results And Printing Of Certificates : Check Here

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has reopened the results checking and certificate printing portal for those who sat for the second and  third edition of the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) held in March and September 2019 respectively, to print their NTC licensure certificates. This is as announced by the NTC exams rep in our facebook group here : NTCLE and GES Forum .

This comes after outcry from former NTC exams candidate’s inability to access and print their certificates. The portal was initially opened in 2019 after the release of results of the respective exams. This is to say that the March 2019 and September 2019 licensure exams batch would now have to print their GTLE certificates online.


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How To Access And Print Your NTC Licensure Exams Certificate According To The NTC


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Below is the statement by the NTC representative:


2019 candidates can now login to print the results slip and Provisional license (certificate). Follow the steps below to log in:


  1. For checking and printing of 2019 results,
  2. Access the GTLE portal (
  4. Enter your Serial number and PIN and hit submit
  5. For exhausted login attempts, click on PROCEED and follow the necessary steps.



Detailed Procedures To Access And Print Your NTC Licensure Exams Certificate 2020 / 2021


  1. Login to   and click on “Result Checking”
  2. Enter the Serial Number and PIN on the voucher payment receipt given to you at the bank  during the registration process, to login.
  3. If you do not remember the serial number or pin, no problem. Just click on the “Forgotten Details” Link beside the “Submit” button”. This would take you to the recovery page where you can login without the serial number and pin.
  4. On the recovery page, you can either login with the email address and phone number you used for the registration or your Exam ID and phone number. Whichever one you choose to use, just click the “Submit” after entering it.
  5. After login, you would see your dashboard with your details and exams results on it.
  6. You will see two buttons on the page, right below the results; “Print Results” button and “Print Certificate Button”
  7. Click on the “Print Certificate Button” to print your NTC Certificate
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  1. Good afternoon. Please I wrote the Teachers Licensure exams in 2018 and pass all. I was given a provisional certificate. Please how do I get the certified certificate?

    Thank you.

    Obed Teye Ocansey.

  2. Please I took part in the Reflective Minds Educational Consult but have not received my accrued points.

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