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NTC Remarking Fee & Application Procedures

Here is the NTC Remarking Fee & Procedures.


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About NTC Remarking Fee & Procedures

This comes the release from TTAG on the mass failure of the just ended March Licensure Examination
The leadership, on Thursday 5th August, 2021, engaged the Registrar of National Teaching Council, Dr. Christian Addai Poku in Accra to ascertain the cause of the mass failure, demand statistics and procedure for remarking, and also appealed for another exams to be conducted as soon as possible for the victims to be recruited by GES.

The ational Teaching Council, Dr. Christian Addai Poku stated that the results were the true reflection of the performance of the students. The leadership further requested for the statistics of the exams to clear the mindset of its constituents of a deliberate attempt by NTC to shortlist the number of trained teachers who will be eligible for recruitment by GES.

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In response to the request, the leadership were told that the statistics over the years have been twisted by the media which sends negative signal about teachers.
He elaborated further that the media only publish the failures and relegate the good news of the results to bring disrepute to our fraternity, therefore there would be no statistics of the exams this year.


How To Request For NTC Exams Remarking

Any candidate that feels they have been cheated can challenge their results by applying for remarking. The ntc remarking will follow the procedures below

NTC Remarking Procedures

  1. Answer booklet of an applicant will be juxtaposed to the marking scheme in the applicant’s presence.
  2. The leadership of TTAG will be invited to witness the remarking for any applicant.
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Remarking Registration Procedures

  1. Procedure for remarking include are as follows; writing official letter to the Registrar of NTC requesting for your scrip(s) to be remarked where an amount of six hundred Ghana cedis (Gh600.00) will be paid into NTC account as remarking fee.


NTC Remarking Registration Portal

  1. The Registrar assured the delegation that they are working to open the portal in the middle of this Month(August) for the victims to redeem themselves.


NTC Remarking Fees &Cost

  1. The NTC Exams remarking fee is GH¢600 per candidates who felt cheated in the marking of the March 2021 Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination.(GTLE).


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