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NTC Results Check 2022/2023

Here is how to check your results for the NTC exams. The NTC Licensure Exams results for the Recent Edition of the exams conducted couple of months ago has been released. This is as announced by the NTC On Its Facebook Page.

The NTC exams results for both fresh candidates and resit results can be accessed through the stated procedures below.

Candidates who sat for exams can check and print their results on the NTC Results Check Portal.

This article details all the steps involved in checking your NTC licensure exams results. It gives a complete guide for checking NTC licensure exams results  checking process.

For detailed step by step procedure with detailed images on checking the results of the NTC licensure exams check this guide: “How To Check Your Results After The Exams .


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NTC Results Check

  1. First visit the NTC Portal Result:
  2. Then click on the “Check Results” tab
  3. You can directly access the NTC Portal Results here:
  4. Then enter the Serial Number and PIN on the voucher payment receipt given to you at the bank  during the registration process, to login.
  5. If you do not remember the serial number or pin, no problem don’t panic. Just click on the “Forgotten Details” Link below the “Submit” button”. This would take you to the recovery page where you can login with your email and phone number or Exams ID and Phone number.
  6. On the recovery page, you can either login with the email address and phone number you used for the registration or your Exam ID and phone number. Whichever one you choose to use, just click the “Submit” after entering it.
  7. After logging into the NTC Results Portal, you would see your dashboard with your details and exams results on it.
  8. Then Click on the print button to print your NTC exams Results.
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NTC Exams Results Check Procedures

For a  Detailed NTC Licensure Exams Results Checking Procedures with detailed images, check the guide below


NTC Resit Results Check Procedures

For a  Detailed NTC Licensure Exams Resit Results Checking Procedures with detailed images, check the guide below


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NTC Certificate Request Procedures And Results Statistics

For detailed NTC Certificate Request Procedures for the March , September and subsequent licensure exams batches check the guide below;

  1. NTC Certificate Request Procedures And Results Statistics

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