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NTC Teachers Portal Login

Here is the NTC Teachers Portal Login and how to login to your NTC Teachers Portal dashboard for various NTC related activities such as Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Portfolio assessment, NTC License and teachers registered number issuance as well as NTC License renewal.


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NTC Teachers Portal Login

  1. To access the NTC Teachers Portal Login page visit:
  2. Then click on a related category
  3. Afterwards enter your email/telephone number and password you used for the registration process
  4. Then click on the login button to login


How To Register On NTC Teachers Portal

To continuous professional development programs, build their portfolio and manage license online All teachers in Ghana are to register on the NTC teacher portal by performing the following actions:

  1. Go to
  2. Then fill the registration form and click the Register button.
  3. Then Check your email address for a confirmation link.
  4. Then  Click “Complete Registration” to verify your email address.

For detailed registration procedures, requirements and eligibility for both private and public school teachers, check the following guide:


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How To Recover On NTC Teachers Portal

  1. Should you forget your password click “Need help logging in?” link on the login form under the Login button.
  2. You will be presented two options; “Email password reset”and “One-time password (OTP)”.
  3. If you remember your email address, select the first option and enter your email address to receive instructions on how to login.
  4. If you have forgotten or lost access to your email address, select the second option and enter your telephone number to receive a code to login to your account.


How To Setup Profile On NTC Teachers Portal

After first login into your account, you have to set-up your teacher profile in seven (7) phases as stated below:

  1. Identification information
  2. Personal information
  3. Passport picture upload
  4. Document upload
  5. Academic history setup
  6. Employment history setup
  7. Licence setup


How To Setup Teacher License On NTC Teachers Portal

After filling the forms, you will have to make payment for license to finalize the application. Follow the steps below to make your licence payment.

  1. Click “Setup Teacher Licence”. You will be directed to our  payment gateway where you can make payments with  mobile money or a debit/credit card.
  2. After your payment is confirmed, you will be sent an email with a receipt for the payment. Please print a copy of this receipt for your reference.
  3. Your account is now pending activation and you will be notified via SMS and email when your account is activated after your document is validated.


How To Setup Teacher Dashboard NTC Teachers Portal

The dashboard is the main point of activity in the teacher portal. You can view your licence details, recommended training courses, training programs by service providers, training records, INSETs, manage your portfolio and update your profile..


NTC Teachers Portal Teacher License details

  1. Licence holder: This is the full name of the license holder.
  2. Licence number: This number is generated when your account is activated and is both your registered number and licence number. It is in the format TT/XXXXXX/YY; where TT is the type of teacher you are -either professional (PT) or non-professional (NPT), XXXXXX is your serial number and YY is the earliest year you completed academic/professional qualification.
  3. Issue date: This is the date your licence is issued.
  4. Expiry date: This is the date after which your licence is invalid. It is automatically set to two years after your issue date.
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NTC Teachers Portal Training courses

  • Training courses are recommended by NTC for teachers. There are two types of training courses namely mandatory courses for all ranks and rank based mandatory courses.
  • All mandatory courses have the same CPD credit points. All rank-based mandatory courses have the same CPD credit point for each rank (i.e. training courses for Rank 1 all have the same CPD point).
  • Every teacher is advised to take three (3) mandatory training courses in a four year cycle.
  • Click “View” on a training course to see the available service providers providing the training and to register.


NTC Teachers Portal Teacher Training programs

  • Training programs are programs designed and developed by service providers to educate teachers on modern trends of teaching.
  • The “Training programs” page shows available training programs in your district. Each training program is shown on a card with the summarized details.
  • Click on the training program card to get more information on it.
  • On your dashboard click on “Training Programs” (third column from the left).


NTC Teachers Portal Teacher Training program page

  1. On the training program page, you are presented with the full details of the training program in nine provided sections. The sections are “About this course”, “Target audience”, “Attendance”, “What you will learn”, “Evaluation”, “Dates”, “Venue”, “Modules” and “Sponsors”.
  2. Under venue, click “View on map” to get the venue location on Google Maps.
  3. Click “Register” at the top right to register for the training program. After you register, you can unregister for the training program by clicking “Unregister”, at the position you clicked “Register”.


NTC Teachers Portal Teacher Training records

  1. You can view your training records as well as download your certificate of attendance for each training course or program attended.
  2. On your dashboard click on “Training records” (third column from the left).
  3. If you haven’t registered for any training programs, your training records will be empty. On the portal below there is one training record available. Each record has three features on it.
  4. Click “View” for more details on your training record.
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NTC Teachers Portal Teacher Terminal INSETs

  1. All teaching staff are mandated to undertake terminal In-Service Education and Training aka INSETs records, these are processed by your head teacher or regional director (if you are an SHS Head).
  2. On your dashboard click on “View INSETs” (center item).
  3. There are three types of INSETs; School Based INSET (SBI), Cluster Based INSET (CBI), Department Based INSET (DBI).
  4. Each INSET record view has two features on it as shown below:
  5. INSET records can only be processed in a period of a month. This means all school heads or regional directors have a month at the end of each term to process INSET records for their staff.


NTC Teachers Portal Teacher Portfolio Management

  1. Your portfolio is a requirement for your license renewal. Under your portfolio you fulfil the evidence criteria of the teaching standards (see page 34 of the National Teaching Standards)
  2. On your dashboard click on “Manage portfolio” (center right).
  3. You can upload anything on your portfolio. To get started, click the at the bottom right of the portfolio page.
  4. Enter your record title in the dialogue presented and click “Save”. The portfolio record page is created and presented to you.


NTC Teachers Portal Teacher Profile

  1. You can make various updates to your profile. Only your contact information can be updated without verifiable proof.
  2. On your dashboard click on “Manage portfolio” (center right).
  3. For all other information you will have to upload a proof of change which will be approved before the changes are effected.


How To Log Out Of NTC Teachers Portal

  1. To log out by clicking “Logout from account” on the dashboard
  2. On your dashboard click on “Logout” (last item).
  3. On the portal, you can click your image at the top right and click “Logout” on the drop down menu

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