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One Year Top Up Course For Diploma Trained Teachers Start Date And Schedule

The expected one-year top-up courses for Diploma in Basic Education holders from the Colleges of Education is to be implemented in October

In a statement issued by the leadership of the Association on June 18, 2020, the top-up program for level 300 students of the various Colleges of Education shall be optional. The statement further indicated the top-up course shall last between 15 to 18 months. Also, a student can enroll for the top=up program concurrently with the National Service.


One Year Top Up Course For Diploma Trained Teachers Start Date And Schedule


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The Minister for Education, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh on Tuesday, 2nd June 2020 met with officials from the Institute of Education, University of Cape Coast led Prof. Christine Adu–Yeboah, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) led by Mr. Thomas Musah, Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T–TEL) led by Mr. Robin Todd and the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) led by Prof. Mohammed Salifu.


Other officials at the meeting included Prof. Kwesi Yankah, Minister of State in–charge of Tertiary Education, Chief Director at the Ministry of Education among other high ranking officials of the Ministry of Education.

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The meeting was aimed at discussing issues of a transition from the DBE to B.Ed. for student teachers completing with Diploma in Basic Education and in-service teachers with Diploma in Basic Education. The one-year top-up course is expected to take a duration of about 15 months using blended learning leading to the award of B.Ed. in various options. The main areas of specialization are Early Grade, Primary Education, and Junior High School Education.

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All things being equal and per the final approval by the National Accreditation Board, the 15 months program is likely to kick start in October 2020.


The purpose of the top-up course is to provide a grounding in the new approaches which are being introduced in the Ghanaian education system to ensure competence against the National Teaching Standards and improved outcomes for student teachers and the pupils they will teach. The course is also to ensure all teachers have degrees and achieve greater parity across the system.


  1. Please does that mean if the 15/18 month top-up is done by Diploma basic teachers will be awarded with degrees?
    Moreover,is it going to be free from charge?
    If no then it shall be cumbersome for alot of students-teachers and burden since they’re not earning salary yet even their service tokens per each month are for old debt during at their schooling periods.Therefore,i suggest a helpful strategy should be consider if admissions and tuition fees are to be demanded!
    Thank You!

  2. How can a-15 to18 month programme be titled as a one year top-up?

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