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Online Jobs In Ghana That Pay Through Mobile Money

Here are Online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money. This article presents Online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money. Access Online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money.


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Online jobs in Ghana that pay through mobile money

Of course, going online to make a buck is very easy but doable. If you are thinking that going for online gigs is escaping the hard work of the physical world, then you are not going to make something worth it. For you to work online and get paid in Ghana, you ought to exert substantial pressure on yourself to make things work.

Online jobs might consist of simple tasks like completing surveys, content creation, data entry, and many more, which pay weekly or monthly. And with so many platforms out there, getting one that is purely submitting payments through mobile money is even easier. Make your pick of available online jobs for students and get paid through mobile money instantly.



Blogging as we all know is one of the fastest-growing self-employment sector in Ghana where an individual put news on the internet for people to have access to so they would know what have been going on around the world. Blogging is well known to be an online job in Ghana which demands the creation of news for online publishing. As the saying nothing is seen interesting from the start unless you get used it. It need a lot of time to dedicate since wants to do be a blogging, writing/typing skills, and devoting time to the work as a blogger. As said blogging requires lot of time which some bloggers made it through blogging, to earning about 1500-3000 GHC  as their monthly income.

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Jumia Affiliate

In this modern world today it is easy to get goods online, online marketing has been ongoing for sometime now. The youth of today rather prefer to buying products online, preferring cashless payments, and fewer movements. And moreover, Jumia – has being one of the biggest online market place in Ghana for having different kind of products – is an appreciating way to work from home in Ghana.

As a member of this online trading portal, you will be given centives once you advertise their goods they are selling on your website and social media handles. You will have to do this by creating a particular link, which is used to finish a successful buying, and gains a commission. Why won’t an individual do this than hustle to make money while money is just at you door step?

You have to be a good marketer to aid marketing to make this Jumia marketing spirit continue to boost in the market. If the necessary effort are set and put towards this idea of marketing, within the shortest possible time, you will start to make cool amount of money which would least keep you going. The most interesting aspect of it is you paid through though a medium of mobile money where the money is sent into your mobile money account.

Such form of business makes working online an interesting occupation for many that would be waiting for controller to increase their salary at the end of the month. Such processes are very easy and it only takes a shorter start up process.

You are required to have a particular skill in your work that you feel its part of you that isn’t showing? On, you are allowed to show case your talents and expertise at a price. It is free joining the group, and all you need is an active email address and phone number to join.

After you are part of the platform, start to show case your items, and begin making an ends meet for yourself some money. pays for all completed jobs through mobile money services. Therefore, it is a great way to receive money with MTN mobile money.

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If you are at content creating or writing article, you are allowed to post your skills and get someone that will pay you for services rendered. This platform is open to many other works, basically anything that you know how to do.



PePaPa ought to be in your list of online works in Ghana as they are pretty good in creating strong and trusted connections between traders online. Therefore, if you want to buy or sell anything, this is the platform you ought to utilize.

Many people today are getting common on the internet using different gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, computers, and more. Hence, with such an avenue, selling your merchandise online is not a big deal. PePaPa serves as intermediators for you so that you do not have to go the extra mile to find trusted persons to deal with.

The website permits any member to sell as part of their condition of work, using personal accounts, or as a business. This way, members is this group happens o case their products in which they deals in their content for the present buyers. The method of registration is made easy. Once you have your item being sold, you are paid through mobile money or any other means that you are ok with.


Amazon Associates

You are might be thinking of how you are going to be paid through mobile money using this means of trading. That is the most amazing aspect of an online jobs – there is great flexibility in payments such that they are virtually limitless.

Amazon associates is a way for people to make an additional money on show casing products through various means. It is joint program whereby you how how much you are paid according to efforts made on Appling to advertising.

After getting to be a member, you can choose from over a hundred of items that you would want to show case to your customers. Regardless of your platform, whether its a bigger network or mere blogger, Amazon possesses interesting things and simple tools that will help you meet your advertising targets.

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Every successful trade is going to make you have up to 10% advertising fees. That is a great deal deal considering how big Amazon trading online store recently is, unmatched in the industry.



Zoobashop is a fully owned a Ghanaian. An online retail shop that has grown to become the biggest of Ghana today. To make ends meet on this platform is a little easy as said. Since it is an e-commerce platform, buyers meet sellers and agrees on how much to sell their items.

Therefore, if you have businesses that you are suffering to sell due to lack of a market, with regard to this online marketplace, you would saved time and much resources.

In addition to getting your money with MTN mobile money after a successful deal, the website offers customers and sellers most trusted platforms to echance their payments.



Looking for online surveys that pay through their workers through mobile money in Ghana? Surveys aid said to be the least and easiest ways that people make additional money on the internet. People love them because of the process’s simplicity. A basic question and answer part and you get your money on the spot.

You can get lots of online surveys for money in Ghana, but what ever site you used in advertising, ascertain are relevant. The money made mechanism on Triaba is pretty easy. After registering and uploading all necessary information, you are going to get surveys that match with your particular profile.

Once you get to your required threshold of funds, you can withdraw to your prefered platform. Do not get too disturbed about getting your cash directly to your mobile money account; the means of doing that is easy and simple.

Despite lots people have been intensively taking advantage of the capability to receive MTN mobile money from abroad, online platforms also make payments through the same means. Much more better, with the right tools, it is possible for you to earn money online in Ghana through mobile money.


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