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Paypal Alternatives You Can Use To Send And Receive Money In Ghana

Here are Paypal Alternatives You Can Use To Send And Receive Money In Ghana. As PayPal heads for the best most-used payment methods in the whole world, its deficiency in certain countries in Africa, makes the transaction of online business very complicated.

One thing that most people do not notice is the existence of other Softwares and platforms where users are provided with the opportunity to send money to and from any part of the world.

We shall, in this article, take a brief look about these three of these platforms which can equally be used in Ghana.


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This basically refers to a global financial technology (fin-tech) company which renders services like sending money outside one’s jurisdiction while keeping the exact exchange rate at a very low charge rate.

Also, transferwise is trusted by over 6 million customers with over 13 physical offices across the world and over 5 billion euros sent every single month by users. With these, you should definitely use transferwise on your next money transfer. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you know of any other money transfer apps or if you have any comments to

Click below to read how to register and send money to any part of the world using Transferwise: Transferwise: How To Receive Money From Outside To Ghana



Talking of payoneer, it is a perfect international business transaction platform since it supports the transfer of funds overseas through banks or debit cards directly. It is even a better substitute for PayPal.

Money transferred to prepaid cards using the Payoneer platform can be withdrawn directly from ATM machines. This feature is mostly, not part of that of PayPal’s.

With Payoneer, the least amount of money you can send anyone is $20.00. Payoneer is also available in all parts of the world. Therefore, there will be no need to worry about how your recipients will cash out the money you sent them.


World Remit

Concerning the “World Remit” method, it is also recorded as one of the best money transfer platforms in the world. But it provides the opportunity to send money to only about 150 countries in 90 currencies.

Their fees are also considerably low and they change depending on the locations of transfer. But they largely range from 1.4% and above.

Their services as well are very swift and reliable. Money sent is received within a few hours to about 2 days upon transfer.

With World Remit, the withdrawal methods are bank transfer, cash pickup, Mobile money, Airtime top up, Door-to-door or WorldRemit Wallet. Note however, that your withdrawal methods depend on the recipient’s country of residence.



There are a thousand other payment methods that can be used in place of Paypal, to send money both locally and internationally.

However, the above listed are the ones we have tried and tested and see to be effective for anyone hoping to send and receive money internationally in Ghana.

If you have any other interesting platforms with more advantages, you can kindly share in the comment box beneath the post. We’d love to learn from you.

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