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Professional Development Allowance Payment & Deductions

Here is the Professional Development Allowance payment details & expected deductions for this year’s PDA for teachers.


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About Professional Development Allowance – PDA

  • The Government of Ghana, pays an annual amount of GHS 1,200 to teachers in Ghana as Professional Development Allowance (PDA) yearly.
  • The first payment Professional Development Allowance (PDA) was made last two years.


PDA Deductions

  • It is the norm that deductions are made from the Professional Development Allowance as a result of some TLM’s provided for teachers within the payment year. For instance deductions were made from last year’s Professional Development Allowance to cover the cost of Laptops provided for teachers and Professional Development workshops.


PDA Deductions This Year

  • Unconfirmed reports indicate that there will deductions for a modem (HUAWEI 4G Wifi Modem) to be provided to teachers.
  • The cost of the said modem is estimated to cost between an amount of GHS300-GHS400, hence GHS300-GHS400 is expected to be deducted from the PDA this year.


Response From Teacher Unions

  • The Teacher Unions, have however stated that there has been no such discussions about a modem. Yes, there might be a deduction for NTC but for other items, we are not sure.


When Will Professional Development Allowance Be Paid

  • The Professional Allowance is usually paid in November, hence this year’s PDA is expected to be paid in November as well..

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