Proper Consultation Was Done Before GHC 50 Was Deducted For NSS Cloth : Details

Corporate Affairs Director for the National Service Scheme (NSS), Mr. Armstrong Esaah says proper consultation was done with all district and regional executives before GHS 50.00 was deducted from Service Personnel’s allowances for the cloth.


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Clarification Of Issues


In a clarification, Mr Esaah said the current executives of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) are not exclusively responsible for the reintroduction of the NSS cloth since it was a decision taken by the 2017/2018 administration.

He says the decision was taken at the Congress of the 2017/2018 administration, hence the current administration is only implementing a decision their predecessors approved but could not implement.


Nothing Wrong With Reintroduction Of The Cloth


He noted that there is nothing wrong with the reintroduction of the cloth so far as the current executives find it worthwhile.

“2017/2018 executives of NASPA approved the at their congress and so what the 2018/2019 Congress is doing is just to implement the decision that had already been taken by their predecessors.”

“Governance is a continuous process, once these decisions sit well with current executives, there is nothing wrong if the new executives implement it,” he said.

Speaking on Campus Exclusive on Monday, April 6, 2020, he stressed that it would be wrong for people to assume that majority of the National Service Personnel disagree with the move since no data supports that notion.

He further maintained that major decisions are taken at congress so “once Congress approves of any issue or any decision, it would reflect the general mood of the NSPs” and “once leadership takes a decision it is binding on all the members.”



  1. This guy should not be myopic to current issues and crises. What are clothes to a dying soul? This is gross irresponsible and selfish leadership which is focused on their selfish and quaroqual interest.The qualified name for them is ambassadors of poverty because they milk their people dry to enrich themselves regardless of the condition of their subject.
    I know one day, they would render an account squatting on their heels but by then I would not be there to feed the needs of their recurrent appetite.

      1. Everybody is doing what ever they want in Ghana.even with this small money’s leaders want to take all and chop.What a Ghana! Let’s Reason.

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