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RE: The National Identification Authority (NIA) Has Begun Their Registration Exercise Again

The NIA has sighted a write up circulating on social media captioned “The NIA, (National
Identification Authority) has begun their registration exercise again.”

The NIA disassociates itself from that statement and would urge the general public to disregard same. Mass registration ended in September, 2020 and the Authority has moved into the continuous registration phase.

This process started in April, 2021 with the co-location of 14 registration centres at GRA offices across the country. Registration at the 14 GRA/NIA centres is free and Ghanaians can attest to that fact. Additionally, the Authority is currently working to establish Regional District offices acros e, 2021.

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The NIA wishes to reiterate that first registration and issuance of the Ghana Card is free in line with government policy which has not changed. When NIA duly establishes it Regional and District offices, registration at all the Districts and Regional offices across the country shall be free.

However, under the FEES AND CHARGES (MISCELLENOUS PROVISIONS) INSTRUMENT, 2019 which was duly passed by Parliament, NIA is mandated to institute and collect certain fees and charges for some services rendered.

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These include registration of foreigners; updates of personal records; replacements of lost and damaged cards; household registration; cardi renewal and expedited service (premium).

Registration of foreigners: cedi equivalent of USD 120.00

Replacement: GHC 30.00

Update of personal record: GHC 30.00

Renewal: GHC 30.00

Expedited service: GHC 250.00 approved fees.html

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The public should take note that the NIA works from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday at all its offices and registration centers.

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  1. Where can we go and register in Tema for the NIA

  2. What about we that our Ghana card was not giving to as by NIA saying (It has not been possible to issue the card due to a technical challenge) the latter they give is not accepted by Registrar Generals Department. Please help me ask NIA how can we receive our Ghana card’s.

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