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How To Calculate Vehicle Duty Using Ghana Trade Hub Mobile App

Here is How To Calculate Vehicle Duty Using Ghana Trade Hub Mobile App. Getting yourself a brand new car in Ghana or from abroad mostly cost a very large sum of money. This is a result of the mode of income of most workers in Ghana. They are mostly either low or middle-income earners.

Due to this, the best way to go about getting yourself a vehicle is to get it from abroad at a relatively cheaper price.

Yet, you will have to pay for duty before your vehicle will be released for you. This is what kills most people most times. They usually are not able to pay for the duty causing the imported vehicle to be auctioned off.

It is, therefore, very relevant and advisable that you check out the duty of your vehicle before you take your chances.


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How Is Duty Calculated On Cars In Ghana

Due to the help of technologies in our recent world, we are able to do lots of stuff without leaving our homes. And one thing you can also do without leaving your home is calculating your vehicle duty. Get to know more by following this article closely.


Download the Ghana Trade Hub Mobile App

To begin with, you will have to download and install the official Ghana Trade Hub mobile app from Google PlayStore or AppleStore.


Click on duty calculator

As the name goes, this option is the helpmate you are going to need to calculate the duty amount payable in Ghana cedis.

Select Used vehicle

If you are done selecting the Duty Calculator, you will be navigated to two tabs. Since its used vehicles you are requesting, choose ‘used vehicle’. The second tab is going to be discussed in a different article.


Select the Make of the vehicle

This is what we mostly confuse with a vehicle’s model; the Make. The make of the vehicle is the brand name of the vehicle. For example Toyota. Whereas the model is the division of the brand. Say Toyota Corolla. Corolla becomes the model of the car whiles Toyota is the Make. Therefore, choose the brand name of the car you have imported or importing.

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Select the model of the vehicle

As stated in the earlier point, the model of the vehicle is supposed to be the name of the vehicle you are purchasing or purchased.

The model name is that which is added to the vehicle’s Make. In the case of Toyo RAV 4, the model name becomes the RAV 4, not the Toyota.

There are occasions where the model comes with different configurations. What you have to do is to choose the one that fits it. For example, Toyota Corolla has about four (4) configurations (L, LE, S, and SE). With this case, you will have to state the letter attached to the model. For example, the model name for Toyota Corolla S is Corolla S.


Specify the Year the vehicle was manufactured

Concerning this, you have to carefully specify the year the vehicle was manufactured. There are situations where a model of a car will have several manufacturing years. So you need to be very careful about that since a slight change of the year will change the amount you are supposed to pay and you will also not get the exact car you want.

In the case where you are not certain about the manufacturing year, contact the agency you bought the vehicle from or search online.

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Press the ‘Find’ button

A table containing various outcomes will be shown after selecting the “Find” tab. At this part, you are advised to check if the details provided match the one you inputted. If there any incorrespondence regarding the information you provided, you need to go back and input the correct details.


Select View Duty

Once you are done checking out your input and making corrections, you can now go ahead and choose the ‘View Duty’ tab. This is where the total duty payable comes up. You can make a screenshot of copy it somewhere for future reference.


Note that, the Ghana import duty is assessed according to various features including volume, weight, or the value of the item (vehicle in this situation).



This method of checking your vehicle’s duty was introduced to eradicate the actions of “connection men” who take a large sum of money that does not correspond to the official amount. Therefore, you can make use of this article at your own exposure.


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