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Types Of Drivers License In Ghana And Their Meaning

Here are Types Of Driving License In Ghana And Their Meaning.


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The Types Of Drivers’ License In Ghana And Their Meaning

It is the dream of most individuals to purchase a vehicle later on. In any way, getting a vehicle doesn’t mean you can have your way with the vehicle on the spot. Before you are even permitted to drive, you have to provide a drivers’ permit issued by the DVLA.

As compared to the previous years, getting yourself a drivers’ permit in Ghana is currently simpler. Anyway, before you apply for that permit, you need to have an idea of what sort of permit you are demanding.

Well, this is what this particular article is covering – different kinds of driver licenses given by the DVLA in Ghana.


Qualification for A Drivers’ License in Ghana

About getting a drivers’ license, there are a few preferences you need to fall under before you can choose to apply for a drivers’ license in Ghana.

And they are as listed below:

  • You must be over 18 years
  • You also have to be a BECE attendant. Or you should have the option to peruse and compose
  • You must have a VISA photograph
  • A time span of not more than 48 hours of preparing from a DVLA licensed driving school.
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Presently subsequent to fulfilling the rules above, you would then be able to continue to the kind of permit that fits you or your vehicle.


Various Types of Drivers’ License in Ghana?

Currently, in Ghana, there are six (6) types of drivers’ licenses. These depend on which sort of vehicle you want to be deployed to. Below is the list of the various types of Driver’s License in Ghana.

  • Type A – cruisers
  • Type B – minibusses, cross-country vehicle, get vehicles
  • Type C – transports and medium products conveying vehicles
  • Type D – transports, mentors and hefty products vehicles
  • Type E – agrarian, earth-moving, and modern gear
  • Type F – transports, mentors and hefty products conveying vehicles


Types Of Drivers License And Its Meaning

Type A

This is the class of permit that has wheel vehicles without gearboxes under them. This is the kind of permits allocated to drivers who use bikes.

Transport and convey riders who make use of cruisers are the ones to get this sort of permit.

Conveyance and dispatch riders who use cruisers ought to apply for this sort/class of permit. Nearby vehicles called “Abobo yaa” additionally fall under this segment.

These vehicles can have up to 250cc or can surpass 250cc in terms of their motor size as long as it is a cruiser.

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Type B

This is the type of license offered to drivers of minibusses, cross-country vehicles, and pickups.

Concerning this permit type, the count of passengers it has to contain can not exceed 15. The gross load as well (of this vehicle) as well as the passengers must also not exceed 5000kgs.

Yango, Uber, Bolt, Taxi, as well as other business vehicles which don’t contain up to 15 passengers, is directly under this type of permit. This also includes individual (private) vehicles.

Type C

Transports and medium items passing on vehicle drivers are implored to apply for this sort of license.

Also, the number of passengers in the vehicle must not exceed 45. The weight as well it is 10000kgs or below.

All business vehicles “tro tro” are implored to book this type of license since their vehicle use is of that sort.

Type D

This type of permit is that which is for transports, mentors, and substantial product vehicles.

A type D driver can cruise a vehicle which contains passengers to about 65 with a maximum load of 350000kgs

All intercity mentors for example STC drivers are additionally required to get this type of drivers’ permit.

Type E

In the case when you operate hefty horticultural vehicles, the type E permit is that which is most suitable for you. Since vehicles under this sort of permit include rural, earthmoving, and modern gear vehicles.

Vehicles that fall under this form of license include graders, trucks, loaders, rollers, forklifts, and a large group of others.

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This sort is more surprising because of the low mechanical and agrarian improvement in Ghana and less number of production lines.  

Type F

Type F is basically like type D. But the difference is that type F drivers drive all vehicles that exceed 35000kgs.

This implies that a driver transports, mentors, and substantial merchandise converting vehicles with weight above 35000kgs.

Such vehicles include articulators and all different sorts of unbending vehicles. An inflexible vehicle can be said that it is a vehicle with its body parts in two sections associated with a turn.


How possible can a Non-Ghanaian Citizen Apply For A Ghanaian driver’s license?


The right answer is very possible. In the case where you are new, and you are not familiar with the country, you will have to apply for a Ghanaian drivers’ permit. You can also use your universal drivers’ license for its legitimacy period in case you have any.

You must permit a permit from your country before you can apply for a Ghanaian drivers’ permit. All different advances will be followed as well to give you your ID.



Knowing the correct sort of permit assists with knowing which vehicle to utilize or what kind of vehicle you should purchase on the off chance that you are presently considering purchasing another vehicle. 

If it’s not too much trouble NOTE that utilizing a permit that doesn’t fit the bill for the vehicle you are driving is wrongdoing and is deserving of law.

Hence, follow the article and select the sort that accommodates your vehicle.


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