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Shatta Bundle Flies Aeroplane To Meet Business Partness

Ghana’s self acclaimed billionaire who has been under constant attack for pissing of Nigerians by calling out the richest man in Africa Dangote, finally takes flight in an aeroplane.


It looked like it is his first time in an aeroplane as this is his first video of him in an aeroplane. He could be heard saying “am going to meet my business partners.


Shatta bundle has recently received mixed reactions from Nigerians after calling out Wizkid and calling Africa’s richest man Dangote a small boy. And that he would make Dangote his gate man.


This angered many Nigerians. While many felt he was just “happying” himself and commended him for his confidence, others did not take the act kindly.


Many Nigerians came out to defend their richest man with many raining insults on him. The most noticeable being a video made by a “turkish-nigerian” .


Here is the video:






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