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Stonebwoy’s Daughter Jidula Singing For Her Brother Janam

In a latest trending video, Stonebwoy’s daughter Jidula melts hearts as she sings her little brother to sleep.


In the adorable video, you could hear Jidula singing a lullaby for her sweet brother to sleep. After singing for a while, her lovely brother turned his head as he slept.


Jidula could be seen climbing the cot again and again to see whether her  lullaby is really putting her lovely brother to sleep.


At a point her mother could be heard saying:

Herr Herr Herr come down come down

No no no no, sweety come, sweety come


Because she almost got into the baby cot.


We all cant wait for this adorable kids to grow. As they would melt hearts together.


Not long ago the  sensational dancehall artist, showed the face of his son by name Janam Satekla Jnr on his social media handles.


The Top Skanka Stonebwoy is really proving to be a family man. As he is seamlessly blending show business with family life.


Many people would wish to have such a wonderful family life.


Watch the adorable video.






About Stonebwoy’s Family

Livingstone Etse Satekla popularly known as Stonebwoy is a reggae-dancehall and afro-pop artist. Stonebwoy is known for his great performance, good lyrics and amazing vocals. His most prominent album is “Epistles of Mama” which has gained a lot of international recognition.


Stonebwoy’s wife Dr. Louisa Ansong is a dentist with the 37 Military Hospital. Dr. Louisa Ansong is an alumni of SOS-Hermann Gmeiner College, Tema. She also is a graduate of the Kwame Knrumah University of Science and Teechnology (KNUST).


In her days in the  Kwame Knrumah University of Science and Teechnology (KNUST) she won 6 academic awards and was adjudged the best student in 2016. Her inspirations to become a doctor came from her father who is a professional dentist. She has a total of 16 doctors in her family, she adds to that to make it 17.


Stonebwoy and his wife Louisa got married in June 2017. The two got married at a star studed wedding ceremony at the Unique Floral at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra.


They welcomed their first child six months after their wedding ceremony. They named the baby girl as Catherine-Jidula T. Satekla. Stonebwoy named his daughter Catherine, in memory of his late mother, Madam Catherine Satekla.


Barely two years later they welcomed their son “L. Janam Joachim Setakla Jnr “.


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