Teacher Unions Give Recommendations To 77 Issues In The Pre-Tertiary Education Bill: Full Details

Teacher Unions in the Pre-Tertiary Education level including GNAT, NAGRAT, TEWU and CCT-Gh have come out with their recommendations to some Seventy-seven issues in the 2019 Pre-Tertiary Education Bill currently before parliament.

The unions earlier indicated their attention was drawn to paragraph 352, pg. 72 of the Budget Statement and Economic Policy of the Government of Ghana for the 2018 Financial Year, which was presented to Parliament on Wednesday, 15th November 2017, which indicated that the Pre-tertiary Education Bill had been reviewed and approved by Cabinet.


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Recommendations By The Teacher Unions


According to the Unions, the GNAT, acting on behalf of the Pre-tertiary Education Unions wrote to the Minister of Education, requesting for a copy of the document (see our letter Ref. 0990/VOL.III/41/17, 27th November 2017, Request for Education Bill Approved by Cabinet). Surprisingly, the Minister not only failed to respond to the letter but refused us the document.

The Unions identified some 77 issues from the 2019 Pre -Tertiary Education Bill of which they gave their recommendations.

”it must be stated that the Teacher Unions are not against decentralization. However, we disagree with some sections of the Pre-Tertiary Education Bill,2019.”

”For instance, a preliminary analysis of the Bills showed that it will have far-reaching implications on matters connected with the entire Education Service and particularly issues of employment, non-employment, the terms of employment and the conditions of employment of the Teaching Personnel in theEducation Service. This naturally has some implications for deep consultations between policy-makers and implementers such as teachers and their Associations. However, not only were the Teacher Unions not consulted, but also were deliberately been ignored as major stakeholders in the education enterprise.”

”We are by this reminding the Ministry of Education to be mindful of the fact that the Teacher Unions are social partners in the development of Education, as such, policymakers should be mindful when formulating policies, exercising authority and discretion to do so within the context of good corporate governance, social partnership and in good faith as enjoined by the Labour Act, 2003 (Act 651) and Fair Wages & Salaries Commission Act, 2007 (Act 737) among others. It is in the light of the above that the Teacher Unions would like to express their concerns on the Pre-tertiary Education Bill, 2019, and the Education Regulatory Bodies Bill, 2019”


Download The Full Teacher Unions Recommendations On the Pre-Tertiary Education Bill


  1. Download Teacher Unions Recommendations On the Pre-Tertiary Education Bill


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