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Massive Healthcare Recruitment At Bank of Ghana Hospital

Here is the current The Bank Hospital Recruitment and how to apply. The Bank Hospital is inviting applications from qualified applicants for employment for the under-mentioned job vacancies.


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Vacancies Today


Recruitment Of Registered Nurse, Cardiac Cath Lab

Job Responsibilities

Preparing and cleaning of procedure rooms before and between cases and after terminal care.

·         Assists in positioning, prepping and draping of patients.

·         Responsible for admitting, recovering and discharging of patients from the Cardiac Cath   Provides follow-up.

·         Provide direct patient care, evaluate outcomes, consult with other healthcare team members as required and adjust nursing care processes as indicated to ensure optimal patient care.

·         perform a head-to-toe assessment on all patients and reassessments as per policy

·         Utilise appropriate pain management techniques.

·         Assess cardiorespiratory systems for changes in neonate to geriatric patients and treat appropriately.

·         Carry out medical and surgical asepsis during all procedures.

·         Carry out established techniques for safe administration of medications, contrast and parenteral fluids as per facility policies and procedures.

·         Knowledge of anaesthetic drugs, actions and side effects.

·         Knowledge of location, care and operation of all Cardiac Cath Lab equipment.

·         Ensurepre-op checklist is complete before patient is taken into procedure room.

·         Assists the scrub with gowning.

·         Monitoring the patient at all times;

·         Documents patient data during procedures (heart rate, blood pressure, respirations, all pressures, O2 saturation, EKG). Maintains procedure records.

·         Start IVs; monitors IV fluids and patency of IVs.

·         Establishes and maintains effective communication and good working relationships with co-workers for the patient’s benefit.

·         Proficient in interpreting ECG and hemodynamic pressure tracings.

·         Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.

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·         Prepares the cath lab timeously with all anticipated supplies and equipment for each individual procedure.

·         Checks all equipment/ instruments needed prior to each procedure to ensure proper functioning.


Recruitment Of Cardiac Physiologist

Job Responsibilities

Preparing and cleaning of procedure rooms before and between cases and after terminal care.

·         Supports physicians in diagnosing and treating cardiac and peripheral vascular ailments by means of various diagnostic procedures including but not limited to electro-cardio-grams, treadmill stress tests, blood pressure and hear rate, ultrasound, echocardiographs

·         Competent in the use of specialised and complex equipment, such as cardiac ultrasound scanners and intra-aortic balloon pumps

·         Selection and adjustment of pacemaker suitable pacemaker for a surgeon to insert in a patient

·         Monitor patients’ progress. Undertake regular check ups on patients a pacemaker and/ or ICD Responsible for the long term monitoring of patients with heart valve disease or replacement valves.

·         To communicate as appropriate, with patients, staff and other concerned parties, to ensure best quality service delivery in terms of patient satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness.

·         Set up and maintenance of equipment by ensuring that computers and cardiovascular systems and equipment are operating properly

·         Responds to equipment breakdowns; troubleshoots problems

·         Calibration of equipment

·         Analysis and interpretation of data and supplying physiological reports to the cardiologist or surgeon to assist with treatment decisions.

·         Records and reports on information from tests and findings to cardiologists and other members of the team to assist with diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease.

·         Documents patient services by completing patient records, forms, reports, logs, and other records

·         Registers patients by entering anticipated service date into the patient record; verifying medical history


Recruitment Of Paramedic / Emergency Medical Technician

Job Responsibilities

Lead and coordinate the team responding to an emergency

·         Assess patients’ injury severity and type and quickly begin appropriate medical procedures

·         Providing emergency medical treatment, including administering medication, pain relief, intravenous infusions, and dressing wounds/injuries

·         Administer life support, first-aid treatment and other forms of simple and advanced pre-hospital emergency care

·         Operate technical equipment and tools to stabilize patients or provide immediate treatment such as bag valve mask resuscitators, external defibrillators and electrocardiograms for advanced life support applications and respond to radio transmissions

·         Drive ambulance to predetermined location under the instructions of the emergency medical dispatcher.

·         Monitor patient’s condition en route to the hospital

·         Assess, record and discuss patient injuries and condition with the physician, including any treatments provided and reactions to treatments or drugs.

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·         Clean and decontaminate ambulance/emergency vehicle and maintaining medical equipment.

·         Administer drugs as appropriate and necessary via injection, intravenous procedures or oral administration under the direction of a physician.

·         Communicate and coordinate with interested parties and other emergency medical team members as needed to ensure that all applicable personnel are prepared to receive the patient and ensure proper treatment.

·         Prepare, write and submit concrete and accurate reports on incidents and other documentation as required


Recruitment Of Quality Manager

Job Responsibilities

Assist management and leadership in the development, formulation, implementation and maintenance of policies

·         Monitoring compliance to policies and procedures through documentation and clinical audits

·         Develop strategies to attain COHSASA accreditation within stipulated time. Oversee survey assessments in the COHSASA software and meet deadlines.

·         Oversee and collate quality improvement and risk reports quarterly

·         Oversee and monitor all departments’ quality improvement programs

·         Develop, maintain and implement plans to achieve quality improvements goals

·         Assist in organizing committee meeting ie Drug and therapeutic committee, Resuscitation Committee, Multi-disciplinary theatre committee and document the minutes.

·         Facilitate all quality improvement trainings


Recruitment Of Renal Technician

Job Responsibilities

Assembling the dialysis machine and ensuring its proper performance.

·         Monitoring patients undergoing dialysis treatment.

·         Ensuring usage of the dialysis machine is safe and secure.

·         Administering local anaesthesia.

·         Talking patients through the dialysis process.

·         Monitoring and adjusting patient fluid removal rates as required.

·         Working in tandem with nurses and doctors.

·         Ensuring sterilization of operating equipment before use.

·         Responding to emergency scenarios.

·         Attending to patient needs.

·         Demonstrating empathy and understanding towards patients’ emotional and physical concerns, ensuring that they are comfortable and well-informed at all times

·         Understanding patient physical and emotional concerns.

·         Educating patients on health maintenance and care.

·         Developing operational training material for staff.


Recruitment Of Mortuary Technician

Job Responsibilities

·         To ensure that the mortuary and its equipment is maintained to the highest possible standards of cleanliness, safety and efficiency.

·         To ensure that the acceptance and release of bodies into the mortuary is carried out and that all bodies are stored in proper conditions. To liaise with the portering staff who fulfil this role out of hours.

·         Recordkeeping and interdepartmental liaison

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·         Liaison with Funeral Parlour representatives

·         To prepare bodies for post-mortem examination as required by the pathologists. To replace organs and restore bodies after the autopsy is complete.

·         To aid and/or remove organs for specific donations (research and transplants) as requested by departmental medical staff.

·         To liaise with the medical staff in the department regarding post-mortems to be performed.

·         To handle and label specimens to be kept for histology, demonstrations or photography.

·         Customer liaison and facilitation. To escort relatives and deal with them in a sympathetic manner. To adhere to customer service protocols and adopt a professional approach to customer care at all times.

·         To carry out photography of gross specimens when required.

·         To assist with the organisation and removal of tissues for the National Blood Service and Tissue Donation Services.

·         To comply with the Health and Safety regulations of the department.

·         To assist with High risk post-mortems and to ensure that rigorous safety procedures are followed during these post-mortems.

·         To carry out specialised techniques, e.g. remove temporal bones, brain and spinal cord from some bodies and assist in post-mortem research

·         To assist with diagnosis and/or teaching for hospital post-mortems and to ensure that this is carried out according to current legislation and that all necessary documentation is complete.

·         To maintain adequate supplies of consumables and reagents and co-ordinate their stock control.

·         To assist in the investigation of incidents on behalf of the department, liaising with Wards and departments and escalating to the Mortuary Supervisor or Nursing manager where appropriate.

·         To ensure compliance and maintenance of the document control system for the Mortuary

·         To ensure prompt response to enquiries and any follow up, including incidents, investigations and complaints.

·         To assist with the training and supervision of junior medical staff in both basic and advanced post-mortem techniques.

·         To participate in the induction of newly appointed nursing staff by explaining procedure in the event of a death.


Recruitment Of Mortuary Attendant

Job Responsibilities

Transporting of deceased patients

·         Receiving bodies of deceased patients

·         Assisting with placing bodies in compartment trays.

·         Confirms identification of bodies and releases bodies as appropriate.

·         Monitors mortuary and signs in visitors, law enforcement and government officials, and legal personnel.

·         Assists Mortuary Technician as required


Application Procedures : How To Apply

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