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Date Set For The Distribution of TMI Laptops To All Teachers

Ghana Education Service has taken delivery of two hundred and eighty thousand laptops to be distributed to teachers across the country. The laptops will be made available for distribution to teachers at the district and regional education offices from 3rd May.


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Laptops To Be Distributed To All Teachers In Ghana


Cost Of Distribution of TMI Laptops

As part of government plans for a teacher to own a laptop, government has taken seventy(70) percent of the cost of the laptops. Teachers are to pay the remaining thirty(30) percent for a period of twelve(12) months.

One teacher one laptop project is one of the key component of the New GES ICT Policy.

One teacher, one laptop was one of the agenda for the National Executive Council Meeting with the Ghana Education Service council in January, 2021.


About Distribution of TMI Laptops

The laptop project is one of the measures by government to promote digital literacy among teachers and students, Ghana Education Service will organize in-serve training for teachers on digital literary.

The laptops will change classroom circumstances, making it easier for teachers to engage students in substantive, collaborative, project-based work. Laptops will make planning and group communication easier for the teachers.

Classroom dynamics will change when each student get their own laptop every day. Computer based work – such as writing and revising, printing, and sharing or collecting data will become one of many activities to happen in the classroom. Laptops also fit smoothly into group work for example, students collaborating on a written piece or sharing data can pass one or several computers among themselves, contributing to multiple aspects of a project rather than working on isolated units.

Teachers become more able to engage students in inquiry-oriented, project-based learning. Continuous access, for both teachers and students, to computer-based tools like word processors and data analysis programs facilitates this kind of long-term, in-depth teaching and learning.

Telecommunications, should always be accessible from home and from school to provide an important mode of communications for the teachers


  1. How much is the laptop? What is 70% and 30% of what? What are specs of the laptop. Teachers deserve better and not toys

  2. Since 3rd May up to now, we have not heard any information about the laptops from our districts. It seems like the regions and the districts have not receive any thing yet.

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