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UCC Top Up: How To Obtain Your Reference Number And Print Your Admission Letter

Here Is How To Obtain Your Reference Number And Print Your Admission Letter. The institute of education, cape coast on Wednesday released the Admission list and Admission status of successful applicants.

However, applicants upon checking their admission status are still unable to print their Admission Letter, due to not having the required Reference Number to print the Admission Letter.


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The UCC Sandwich One Year Top Up Reference Number

  • The UCC Sandwich One Year Top Up reference number is being sent to all successful applicants, several people have confirmed receiving their reference numbers through SMS.
  • However applicants who have not received their reference number are to exercise patience as they would eventually receive it.
  • The UCC Sandwich One Year Top Up reference number messages are being sent on daily basis therefore, you will receive your as long as they have their names on the admission list.


How To Obtain Your UCC 3 Semester Top Pp Reference Number

  1. The reference number is a unique number given to every individual to enable you to print out your admission letter.
  2. The reference number will be sent to you by the University of Cape coast by text message (SMS).
  3. Make sure you have the phone number you provided during the registration process active.
  4. Constantly monitor your phone number that was used for the application reference number.
  5. If you provided the wrong number, you will not receive the said reference number likewise
  6. The university may come up with other means of accessing your reference number, will keep you updated when that happens.


How To Print Your UCC Sandwich One Year Top Up Admission Letter

After receiving your reference number

  1. Firs Log on to
  2. Then Enter your first name only or surname only or programme or a combination of it.
  3. Then look through the admission list and click on your name.
  4. Afterwards Click on the PRINT LETTER button
  5. Then Enter your reference number to print your admission letter


  1. Pls I receive my admission message but my reference number is not verified so please help me ?

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