UK Commonwealth Shared Scholarship List of Courses

Here is the Queen Elizabeth UK Commonwealth Shared Scholarship List of Courses for this academic year applications.


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Queen Elizabeth UK Commonwealth Shared Scholarship List of Courses

Commonwealth Scholarship 2021 is a Full scholarship for international students for doing 2 years of Masters’s. All Courses and Majors are available under this Queen Elizabeth Scholarship 2021.

  1. MA History
  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  3. MEd Adult Education
  4. MEd Curriculum & Teaching
  5. MEd Educational Foundations & Management
  6. MEd Primary
  7. MNSc Family Nurse Practice
  8. MSc Agricultural and Applied Economics
  9. MSc Agricultural Education
  10. MSc Agricultural Extension
  11. MSc Animal Science
  12. MSc Chemistry
  13. MSc Conservation Ecology
  14. MSc Consumer Science Education
  15. MSc Computational Physics
  16. MSc Crop Science
  17. MSc Crop Protection
  18. MSc Environmental Resources Management
  19. MSc Food Science and Technology
  20. MSc Horticulture
  21. MSc Mathematics
  22. MSc Midwifery
  23. MSc Textiles
  24. MA Applied Linguistics
  25. MA Entrepreneurship
  26. Master of Music In Music Education Or African Music Studies
  27. Master of Musical Arts In Composition Or Performance
  28. MBA Business Administration
  29. MEng Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  30. MPH Public Health
  31. MPhil Applied Parasitology
  32. MSc Applied Parasitology
  33. MSc Applied Statistics
  34. MSc Community Nutrition
  35. MSc Computational Chemistry
  36. MSc Forensic Biochemistry
  37. MSc Information And Knowledge Management
  38. MSc International Relations
  39. MSc Land Administration
  40. MSc Mathematical Statistics
  41. MSc Mathematics (Pure Or Applied Mathematics)
  42. MSc Medical Laboratory Sciences
  43. MSc Physics
  44. MTech Applied Entomology
  45. MTech Applied Parasitology
  46. MTech Environmental Resource Management
  47. MSc Banking and Finance
  48. MSc Bioinformatics
  49. MSc Biosciences
  50. MSc Biosciences and Molecular Biology
  51. MSc Biotechnology
  52. MSc Chemical Engineering
  53. MSc Chemistry
  54. MSc Computer Engineering
  55. MSc Computer Science
  56. MSc Cyber Security
  57. MSc Development Studies
  58. MSc Earth Sciences (Applied Geology / Applied Geophysics)
  59. MSc Economics
  60. MSc Electrical Engineering
  61. MSc Environmental Engineering
  62. MSc Environmental Sciences
  63. MSc Information Security
  64. MSc Management Sciences
  65. MSc Mathematics
  66. MSc Mechanical Engineering
  67. MSc Meteorology
  68. MSc Microbiology and Immunology
  69. MSc Molecular Genetics
  70. MSc Molecular Virology
  71. MSc Pharmacy
  72. MSc Physics
  73. MSc Project Management
  74. MSc Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System
  75. MSc Software Engineering
  76. MSc Statistics
  77. MSc Sustainable Water Sanitation Health and Development
  78. MA Development Studies
  79. MA Genocide Studies And Prevention
  80. MA Peace Studies And Conflict Transformation
  81. MA Security Studies
  82. MA Translation And Interpreting
  83. Master In Field Epidemiology And Laboratory Management
  84. Master Of Hospital And Healthcare Administration
  85. Master Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Quality Assurance And Quality Control
  86. Master Of Social Sciences In Gender And Development
  87. Master Of Social Sciences In Local Governance Studies
  88. Masters In Business Law
  89. Masters In International Criminal Justice And The Law Of Human Rights
  90. MEd Biology Education
  91. MEd Chemistry Education
  92. MEd Curriculum And Instructions
  93. MEd Educational Leadership And Management
  94. MEd English Education
  95. MEd French Education
  96. MEd Kinyarwanda Education
  97. MEd Kiswahili Education
  98. MEd Mathematics Education
  99. MEd Physics Education
  100. MEd Special Needs Education
  101. MPhil Public Health
  102. MSc Accounting
  103. MSc Agribusiness
  104. MSc Agriculture Engineering With Specialisation In Soil And Water Engineering
  105. MSc Agroforestry And Soil Management
  106. MSc Animal Production
  107. MSc Clinical Psychology And Therapeutics
  108. MSc Crop Science
  109. MSc Data Science In Biostatistics
  110. MSc Data Science In Data Mining
  111. MSc Data Science In Demography
  112. MSc Data Science In Actuarial Science
  113. MSc Data Science In Econometrics
  114. MSc Economics
  115. MSc Epidemiology
  116. MSc Field Epidemiology
  117. MSc Health Informatics
  118. MSc Health Supply Chain Management
  119. MSc Psychiatry
  120. MSc Public Health
  121. MSc Regulatory Economics And Competition Policy
  122. MEd Language Education
  123. MEd Youth Gender And Development
  124. MSc Chemistry
  125. MSc Information Technology
  126. MSc Natural Resources Management And Climate Change
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  1. I have a Diploma certificate in Basic Education, what field can I apply for? I have teaching experience of about 15 years since 2006. I also have agricultural knowledge in crop husbandary and horticulture as my high school study. What field can I apply for with these?

  2. I am highly interested in Msc land administration. All the programmes are very good and attractive

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