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University Of Ghana Begins Production Of Hand Sanitizers : Details

The University of Ghana School of Pharmacy has begun the production of locally manufactured alcohol-based hand sanitizers to help contain and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.



About The UG Sanitizer


The products which are named Pharmol Sanitizers come in 200ml and 1L units and have been vetted, approved and registered by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

Also known as UG Sanitizer, Pharmol Sanitizers come in two forms – hand gel and spray Sanitizers – and are being produced under strict World Health Organization’s recommendations.

The widespread Coronavirus pandemic has made people look for face masks and hand sanitizers as one best way to combat and curb its spread.

According to the UG School of Pharmacy, this is part of efforts to support the prevention of the infectious disease.

Pharmol Sanitizers “are formulated for maximum penetration into the skin and therefore offer maximum protection; A moisturizer has also been incorporated to confer a soothing effect on the skin.”

The products which come at affordable prices are available for wholesale prices but are retailed to the University community at GHS 15.00 for the hand gel (200ml) and GHS 40/150 for the spray sanitizers (1L and 4L respectively).


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