Update: NABCO Trainees Association Appeal For Permanent Employment

The NABCO Trainees Association of Ghana (NABTAG) has once again appealed for permanent employment, in an official release, the association communicated their desire for permanent employment for NABCO trainees. The statement reads as follows:





It is once again pleasurable to reach you with this release, which marks the third update regarding the pursuit of permanent employment. This course has since commencement generated much attention, due to the general plausibility it holds in securing the future of NABCO trainees.

NABTAG, being poised from the very beginning of its establishment to working in harmony between engendering trainees’ welfare and supporting the overall administration of the NABCO initiative, remains committed to working through to the materialization of the permanent employment agenda. The reason being that NABTAG’s mandate encompasses every single step with which the outcome inures to a positive destination for trainees and the stability of the program. This executional orientation informed the rejuvenation of the pursuit of permanent employment owing to the imminent expiration of the three-year contract.


As duly communicated earlier this week, we issued a letter in address to the media houses nationwide to help create awareness of the permanent employment petition. The correspondence has attracted the attention of over thirty (30) Radio and Television stations across the country and still counting. The National President and the Communication Team Lead have been granting interviews currently standing at thirty (30) with several others in schedule.



We are pleased to inform you that deliberations concerning our appeal have commenced at the leadership level of NABCO. NABTAG’s official letter to the Office of the President through the Chief of Staff and other dignitaries is also primed for submission next month. The exact date shall be communicated accordingly.

Let us all remain calm and keep the support coming as we mastermind the agenda. The journey is indeed prospecting in the right direction.

Note: NABTAG doesn’t resort to attacking management of the program to register its request, so trainees are advised to follow the professional approach of dialogues and consultations with stakeholders. This is how every professional association is expected to function.

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Payment of the few arrears from 2019 has resumed after conducting an intense data validation exercise. Those who have not yet received theirs should exercise patience as payment is ongoing. If you have done the appropriate due diligence, submitted timesheet with the filling of corresponding trainee details on the portal, be rest assured to receive payment.




In as much as NABTAG is championing the petition for permanent employment, trainees are reminded to keep incorporating the NABCO KPIs into their corporate duties. Through that, their value may also inform the MIPs to heed to the call for retention (permanent employment), which the president made during the one year anniversary celebration. NABTAG is assiduously working on the HOW, so let’s all work on the WHY to help the process yield better result.





The echo of appreciation seems to have chartered an unending trail but needful in presenting our gratefulness to God and all the stakeholders of the initiative. From the Office of the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo to the CEO, Dr. Ibrahim Anyars, coming down to the Regional and District Coordinators, we appreciate your immense support to the nation building journey. To this end, NABCO trainees cannot be extricated from the list because the NABCO equation becomes undefined without them. We also thank the media houses for their timely response to our call.


NABCO is here to stay. Let us support the stakeholders in any way we can.

Remember to keep observing the safety protocols in the fight against the novel Covid-19. The president shall come our way again to update us on the next step as and when appropriate.

We are building the nation together!
Stay safe!

Signed: Akwasi Botchway, Communication Team Lead (NABTAG)
Contact: (+233) 0200944194


Dennis Katakyie, National President (NABTAG)
Contact: (+233) 0208058076


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