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Latest Update On Validation Of Newly Posted Teachers By CAGD

Here is the Latest Update On Validation Of Newly Posted Teachers By CAGD.


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Table of Contents

Issues On Validation

It is clearly seen that some newly posted teachers who have received their Staff-ID’s have their management unit which is supposed to be their schools names changed to DEO.

Others too were locally posted to different schools.


Management Units

1. All newly posted teachers are to note that the management units that came with their staff ID’s will be the schools were you are to be validated. Your original schools (schools that came with staff ID’s) posted by National headquarters will validate you.

2. Staff-IDs of newly recruited teachers are to be submitted to their Headteachers or Validators whether they are done with their biometric registration which is the final stage of salary processing or not.

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3. If you were locally posted, to a different school try hard and get in touch with your original Heads to validate you.


Notice By CAGD

1. The CAGD in every month forwards the tests payroll electrically through the E- SPV system to Heads of Management Units to validate and clarify the staff to be paid that particular month.

2. Staff can only be paid after the heads of the management units validate their names on the Payment Voucher (PV) through the E- SPV system.

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3. Staffs who have their management unit names against their staff IDs to be DEO are considered as missing staffs on their schools Payment Voucher (PV) but can still be validated by the Heads of that schools they teach for payment.

4. Heads of the management units are given 48 hours to complete validation process and send feedback to the CAGD for the final payroll run.

5. Staffs who have their management unit name as DEO or wrong spelling of names can write to the IPPD coordinator for a change of management unit after receiving salaries for some time.

One Comment

  1. Some of us did not get the information in time. As such we could not validate the newly posted teachers who did their biometric yesterday. What should we do now?

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