USAG Calls For 50% Reduction Of Communication Service Tax : Full Details

The University Students’ Association of Ghana (USAG) has implored the government to reduce the Communication Service Tax (CST) by 50% and to zero-rate all educational websites to facilitate effective student e-learning experience.



The Interview

The Coordinating Secretary of USAG, Joshua Nii Tackie Essel on April 7, 2020, made it known that extraordinary measures ought to be rolled out by the telecommunication companies to ensure the benefit of students should the 50 per cent waiver be granted. This was made known with the following statement:

“So what USAG is trying to tell the government is that we will like to have a slash of the 9 per cent of CST so that at least there can be some sort of relaxing on the internet bundle,”


Response To Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications


Responding to the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications’ encouragement to citizens to judiciously use voice and data services, Mr Essel maintained that the telecommunication service providers must boost their systems to accommodate the surge in numbers for internet consumption rather that delight in the vent of possible flaws. This was made known with the following statement:

“These are some of the things that I don’t agree with the Telcos. As a Telco you know this is the time where every single person in the house will like you work on the internet and with this social distancing where you are not able to go out the only thing you can resort to is the internet so I am expecting them to up their game rather than complain about the usage of data,” he added.



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