Woman Accused Of Transforming In Hospital

A viral video of an alleged witch in a hospital in Lome, Togo pops Up. Viewer discretion is advised.

You could hear several woman gathered and shouting “Witch” “Witch” as some kept praying.


The said witch responded by throwing items at them.


I think its a mentally ill person, but hey this is Africa filled with lots of superstition.


The said video was shared by a social media user by name Dennis Larbi. He captioned the video:

”A bird fell into the hospital and changed into a woman in LOME – TOGO i cant believe this GOD.”


In another news Crosdresser Gets Busted By Police .


Watch for yourself.






Superstition and witchcraft has its roots deep in African history and culture since the begining of history.
Although superstiton and witchraft had existed before colonialism, the impact of colonialism on political, social, and economic standards has led to the rise of accusation of witchcraft and women are mostly the oppressed.


African witches are believed to harm others as they possess powers that emanate from their personalities and because they perform strange magic called “vodoo”.

They are believed to employ certain species of animals and spirits or humanoid creatures as their servants or messengers. Such spirits are sometimes reputed to drive their owners to do evil things.


Witchcraft in Africa, often accuse women and children. It is believed that witches have night meetings in the forests around a fire where they agree on how to hurt people.

Nocturnal animals, mostly birds, are suspected to be servants of witches. Throughout the history of Africa, witches were blamed for all mishaps including drought, infertility, illness, hunger and untimely deaths of people.


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