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Slay Queen Begging To Be Chopped

A slay queen could be seen in the said video begging to be chopped.  Probably because she is broke or just a marketing strategy.

Slay queens in Ghana are known for their extravagant lifestyles so they constantly need money keep that up.

In the video you could hear the slay queen begging guys to come and Chop her and pay.


The comments section was filled with numbers of typical Ghanaian men willing to chop and pay. Whiles others bashed her to stop what she was doing.


Watch for yourself:





A Slay Queen In The Ghanaian Context


A slay queen is a woman who wants show everyone how beautiful and cool she is.
They make use of the latest slang-laden English with countless statements like “Oh my Gosh” , “wharever” , “issa”.
They typically dress or take pictures with flowers on their head, expensive attire, expensive weaves and latest fashion trends. They dress up to look like any local or international celebrity or model they admire.


In the Ghanaian context most slay queens are actually jobless. And keep the lavish lifestyle by sponsorship from rich older men. A slay queen would rather sleep hungry than forgo the latest weave, expensive makeup or the perfect gel polish on her nails. The purpose of these expensive lifestyle is to flaunt it on social media.


They would update every single moment of their day such as where they are having breakfast, lunch, dinner, super, when going to shower, traveling and other personal things
They would take photos and post them from when they wake up to when they retire to bed
These photos are usually heavily edited to create a flawless look. To the extent that you would not recognize them when you meet them.


A slay queen’s life revolves around features on social media handles like WhatsApp status updates, Instagram and Facebook stories.
They take these lavish photos at their rich friends’ or sugar dady’s house or at malls. You will see them with safety belts on “driving their cars” in pictures.
They have trademark poses such as twisting their mouth and legs or just sticking their tongue out in photos.


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