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Mobile Money Interoperability: What It Means And What You Should Know

Mobile Money Interoperability: What It Means And What You Should Know. Interoperability simply refers to the process which helps mobile money subscribers to transfer money to various mobile money service providers as well as their bank accounts.

With what looks like episode one, Ghanaian Mobile Money customers are now able to send and receive money directly to and from each other not taking into consideration, their respective networks.

The second phase of the interoperability will introduce the Financial Inclusion Triangle. Which will permit the transfer of money between and among Telcos, banks and e-zwich account in a seamless manner – and the flow is back-to-back.




New to Mobile Money Interoperability (MMI)?

Well, MMI is basically the latest mobile money feature which permits the transfer of money among all mobile money networks irrespective of their network types.


MMI. Is it that Important?

Before the introduction of MMI, mobile money services providers normally ran as closed platforms. This is to say that funds were static and they cannot be circulated amongst other networks. This resulted in the use of multi SIM cards and phones across the country.

MMI therefore, has come to facilitate the transfer of funds between any network no matter its type.


Importance Of The Mobile Money Interoperability (MMI) service

  • It facilitate the usage of Mobile Money
  • MMI drives financial inclusions
  • It lowers cost of transactions
  • Increases Mobile Money services reach
  • It reduces over-reliance on physical cash
  • Facilitates 24/7 access to funds in wallets and bank accounts
  • Eases the move of funds between wallets and bank accounts
  • Ease of receiving and making payments for goods and services


How To Be Part of the MMI Society.

Newly integrated into the existing mobile money services is the MMI.

All you need to do is to just dial your existing Mobile money shortcode then the service is rendered to you. The shortcode also provides users with all MMI functionalities.


How MMI can be accessed on MTN Mobile Money Platform

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Select Transfer Money
  3. Select Other networks

NB: You can select any of the networks below:

  • Tigo Cash
  • Airtel Money
  • Vodafone Cash

You can also perform the following transactions using the GhIPSS platform:

  • Wallet to Bank Account
  • Bank Account to a wallet

Immediately any of these options are selected, you will be given a list of participating banks. Note that you will be requested to input the bank account number before you can proceed with any other steps. After stating the bank account number, proceed with the steps to complete the transaction.

Note that the bank services are yet to be activated. In that case, updates will be provided in due time.


Verifying the wallet or Bank Account of your recipient.

During transfer, you are expected to enter the account number of your recipient, twice before any other steps are considered. And at the end, before you are allowed to enter your PIN to finalize the transaction, the system returns the name of the recipient for confirmation.


What are the qualifications for subscription to the MMI

The MMI service is just available to every existing and future mobile money subscriber. Therefore, there is no need to get yourself a new mobile money wallet (which in that case would require a new SIM) in the name of getting the MMI service.


Is there additional PIN to this service?

Since the service is one that is embedded into the Mobile money services, it requires no other PIN but your Mobile Money PIN to authorize any transactions.


How much money can be transferred in a single transact?

A subscriber can transfer as per their current daily limit allowed on their wallet.


What are the transaction fees?

Amount ( in GHS)FeeRemarks
GHS 1 – GHS 50GHS 0.75Flat Fee
< GHS 50 – GHS 1,0001.5%1.5% of Value
< GHS 1,000 – GHS 5,000GHS 15Flat Fee


Who to contact for more enquiries

For more enquiries, just contact your Mobile Service Provider. 


What you are recommended to do if anything goes wrong.

It’s the same way if you want to make more enquiries. You just have to call your Mobile Money Service Provide for help.

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