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NTC Licensure Exams Registration Date

Here is when registration for the NTC licensure exams start as well as when NTC exams Forms vouchers will be out. Registration for the NTC Licensure exams is therefore to begin on the following dates scheduled by the NTC.


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Table of Contents

About The NTC Licensure Exam

The rationale of the licensure examination is improve the quality of teachers in the country by  enabling qualified teachers to acquire a professional license. This is to improve the state of teaching in the country with an attempt to wean out unqualified teachers .


When Will The NTC Licensure Exams Registration Forms Be Out

  1. The NTC exams is taken twice a year, first batch in March each year and second batch in September.
  2. Usually 25th – 27th March or 24th – 26th September
  3. Registration for the respective exams begins the previous month or first week of the stipulated month


NTC Licensure Exams Eligibility In Simple Terms

In lay man tems the NTC licensure exams is for graduates of colleges of education and graduates who read Education programmes in the various universities and colleges who seek to be employed by the Ghana Education Service (GES). This simply refers to all graduates who offered accredited education programmes  of any sort such as Diploma in education, Bachelor of education (B.ed) in various subjects (Mostly offered by UCC), Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Education  in various subjects (Mostly offered by UEW), Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Education  in various subjects (Mostly offered by UEW) etc. This is to say any accredited and recognized education related programme from any accredited and recognized  tertiary institution.

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This comes after the GES policy that requires teachers and prospective teachers who seek to be employed by the to have a teaching licence before being considered.


Registration Fees For The Exams 

Registration fees payed for the licensure exams are as stated below.

  1. Fresh candidates are required to pay GHȻ 220.00 .
  2. Candidates who are re-sitting are to pay GHȻ100.00 for one (1) Re-sit paper.
  3. Candidates who are re-sitting all two (2) papers are to pay GHȻ200.00.
  4. Candidates who are re-sitting all three (3) papers are to pay GHȻ 220.00


Payment Procedures For The Examination

Payment are to be made at branches of GCB Bank LTD nationwide. Upon payment, Candidates are given a registration voucher containing a Pin and Serial Number by the GCB Bank to be used for registration,

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Scope And Target Of The Licensure Exams

Teachers already teaching prior to the starting of the licensure examination in September 2018 would not be required to write the examination. They are rather to apply for teacher registered number on the NTC website.


Targeted candidates for the exams are those who have completed colleges of education or those who read Education in the various universities and colleges who seek to be employed by the Ghana Education Service (GES).


The exams covers three papers namely  Professional Skills, Literacy and Numeracy. A candidate is required to pass all three papers to  acquire the teaching license. Should a candidate fail any paper, the candidate will not receive his or her teaching license until the candidate has resit and passed the paper in question.

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