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When Will 2023 BECE Results Be Released

As you want to know When Will BECE Result 2023 Be Released. This article answers the question of When Will BECE Result 2023 Be Out.

This article presents the projected date for When BECE Result 2023 Will Be Released. This is based on the “Duration For Marking Of Scripts and the BECE Results Release Process” for the release of BECE result as done in previous years. The 2023 BECE Results Release Date may slightly exceed the stated date or be lesser than the projected date.


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When Will BECE Result 2023 Be Released

  1. Due to the delay in the starting of marking the BECE scripts, the BECE 2023 results will be released within 14th February 2022 to 28th February 2022.
  2. The marking of the BECE scripts which was supposed to have commenced within the first week of January to allow the results to have been released by the end of January did not go as schedule.
  3. The marking of the BECE scripts started in the 4th week of January instead. Usually marking of scripts takes up to 14 days. Since it takes two weeks to mark the scripts and a week to validate and finalize the results and subsequently released, the new schedule for the release of the 2023 BECE results is within 14th February 2022 to 28th February 2022.
  4. That is to say the BECE 2023 results will be released by the end of February and the school placement will be released within March 2022 to allow the BECE graduates to proceed to SHS on 4th April 2022.
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BECE 2023 Result Release Date

  • The new date for the release of the 2023 BECE results is within 14th February 2022 to 28th February 2022.


BECE Script Marking Process

  1. Training programs are organized by the WAEC to educate Examiners who will be tasked to mark scripts
  2. During the training, examiners get the opportunity to learn the protocols of script marking and to learn how to mark efficiently
  3. After the training process, scripts are issued to examiners and documented.
  4. Examiners count scripts and confirm the number in each envelope and the total issued to them.
  5. Submission date or period is given and examiners commence marking of scripts.
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BECE Results Release Process

  1. After marking the exams scripts, the BECE papers are submitted to the chief examiners at the various regional WAEC centers for verification after marking by the examiners in each region.
  2. Once the chief examiners verify the result, the chief examiner forwards them to the WAEC Headquarters for final verification.
  3. Scripts marked are vetted by script supervisors to ensure every examiner followed the required protocols.
  4. Once the scripts are vetted, the examiner who marked them goes back to effect the required corrections where necessary.
  5. When supervisors are convinced the errors detected have been corrected, The score of each student is recorded by the examiners on attendance sheets.
  6. After the completion of marking and verification process the results are uploaded on the result WEAC Result Portal but not available to the public right away
  7. WAEC then provides timelines and updates the public as to when the BECE result will be released.
  8. WAEC then releases the WAEC Result Checker also known as BECE Result checker to vendors to be bought by candidates to check their results.
  9. The results are made public and finally accessible by BECE candidates to check their results on theWEAC Result Portal
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