GES Explains Why Postings For The Recent Recruitment Has Delayed

The GES recruitment portal was opened for 2017 and 2018 College of Education graduates to apply a couple of months ago, however such applicants have still not been posted. This has resulted in impatience and concerns from all who applied as to the status of their applications and when the GES postings are to be released.


In an interview with the Deputy Director General of GES, Dr. Kwabena B. Tandoh (KB Tandoh) stated the reasons Why Postings For The Recent Recruitment Has Delayed, and gave a clue as to when the GES Postings For The Recent Recruitment will be released.

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According to Dr. Tandoh, schools would have to reopen for the postings to be released. He stated that releasing posting is not necessary at the moment. This was made known with the following statement:

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Basic schools are closed, so we are ensuring that, we finish the entire process with the 2019 trained teachers’.


Dr. Tandoh explained that schools are closed and if they send the 2017 and 2018 batch, there will be no head teacher to validate that, a newly posted teacher has reported for work

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  1. Why making us go through that stresses.
    Since 2017 that some of us completed college we have being at home rooming aimlessly. You made us go to cafes and did several online applications yet no results was yield from the cost that we made.
    We still applied with our juniors”2018″ year group and you still posted them and left us home . Meanwhile our qualifications as at that our year and that of their year into colleges were not the same. We had better requirements much than theirs.
    Hmmmm…we have nothing to say but to rest our case onto our father in Heaven.

  2. No posting no vote. How many times have you made us to go on line to register for posting by GES. You can’t use us for you vote.. you are deciving us making money for cafe owners. Nosence

  3. Please it’s must based on year of completion is index otherwise it’s will goes against us who re using 2016 index but completed 2018 so please consider us because we all qualified…Take u

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